The new self-propelled mortar "Drok" will go into service with airborne paratroopers

In the coming year, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation plans to conduct state tests of a self-propelled mortar 2C41 "Drok", caliber 82 mm. It was created in Nizhny Tagil on "Uralvagonzavod" specifically to perform combat missions units of the airborne troops.

He, according to tactical-technical characteristics, will have to provide support to the airborne assault groups of the Airborne Forces.

Self-propelled mortar based on the chassis of the car "Typhoon Airborne". "Gorod" can shoot both ordinary mines, and modernized ones, which have increased explosion power and increased range.

This machine weighs about 14 tons. Combat crew - four people. Mortar can hit targets at a distance of 100 meters to six kilometers. Rate of fire - up to 12 shots per minute. Regular ammunition - 40 min.

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