Russian commercial vehicle GAZ-2217 Sable

GAZ Sobol 2217 - Russian-made low-tonnage car, used mainly in the commercial sphere. Its design was created with the expectation of movement on Russian roads, so businessmen are willing to use this car for transportation. Comfortable, agile, multifunctional - only a small part of the reviews from the owners. "Sable" is also used in public institutions, emergency and public utilities.

Universal car

GAZ-2217 Barguzin is used to transport passengers. Two options are available to the buyer: for 6 places and 10. All residents of Russia know this car as a yellow route taxi. The machine can serve as a mobile office, this contributes to the convenient location of the seats, the presence of armrests, headrests and a folding table with individual lighting. The cabin layout allows the installation of additional seats to increase the maximum number of passengers.

The technical characteristics of the GAZ-2217 are not inferior to foreign competitors in this class. The small size of the car allows the driver to comfortably move around the streets and courtyards of large cities and park in tight parking areas.

Basic versions of this machine is not limited. The owner can install one of the many add-ons or a cargo van. The manufacturer offers consumers onboard minibuses with different frame options.


Minibus GAZ-2217 has the following technical characteristics:

  • Length - 4.8 / 4.9 m;
  • Width - 2.1 m;
  • Height - 2.1 / 2.2 m;
  • Wheelbase - 2.8 m;
  • Wheel formula - 4x2 / 4x4;
  • Capacity - 6 + 1/10 + 1;
  • Clearance - 15/19 cm;
  • The volume of the power unit - 2.89 l;
  • Power plant power - 107/120 horsepower;
  • The maximum speed is 120/130 km / h.

During the production of the car used several types of engines. In 1998, ZMZ engines (402, 406.3 and 406) were installed on the car. Their characteristics differed only in the number of valves. Offered and diesel version GAZ-5601. In 2003, the engineers carried out upgrades, after which the injector power unit with 140 horsepower and the turbodiesel of the Gorky Automobile Plant "5601" were used in production. In 2008, the device was supplemented with a DOHC 2.4L Chrysler powerplant, which developed up to 137 horsepower. The 5601 diesel engine was changed to 5602. In 2009, they arrived at the final version: the UMZ-4216.10 petrol and the Cummis ISF 2.8L turbo diesel.

The latest generation engine has four cylinders. Each cylinder has 2 valves. In the case of the diesel option, for one cylinder - 4 valves. Displacement - 2,89 or 2,781 liters. The maximum power makes 107 (at 4 thousand turns) or 120 (at 3.2 thousand turns) horsepower.

A version with all-wheel drive, designed for rural areas, where off-road is not uncommon. The scheme of this option includes a single-lever transfer case. Also included power steering to improve manageability. In some versions, the driver can disable one bridge.

The clutch includes one disc and is made according to the dry type. The drive is carried out by the hydraulic mechanism. The manual transmission has six stages: five front and one rear.

The wishbone form the basis of the front independent suspension. Designers added stabilizer bars to her device. At the heart of the rear dependent suspension are two longitudinal semi-elliptical springs.

When buying, you can choose additional features, which include Multifunction, air conditioning, power windows and adjustment of the side mirrors electrically. For diesel options provided cruise control.

The car is comfortable, but simple. The driver has at his disposal - a four-spoke steering wheel, a gear lever, a dashboard with system indicators. Medium quality materials are used for interior trim, they serve for many years. Seats upholstered in fabric. Airbags are not provided, ABS is standard. There are two variants of execution - with a low and high roof. This does not affect the equipment of the cabin.

Disadvantages and advantages

The quality of the factory assembly GAZ-2217 Barguzin is at an average level. There are cases when parts are badly screwed, there are a lack of bolts, etc.

The first significant "sores" make themselves felt years after 4-5 after the start of operation and lie in the box and razdatke, front axle and hose GUR. Manifest after the first 40-50 thousand kilometers, occur in different order. The first comprehensive diagnosis is recommended after 90-100 thousand kilometers.

The scheme of the machine is simple, so there are no special problems with the repair. Parts can be easily found in specialized stores. It is necessary to clearly know the catalog part numbers, as in different years of release, they differ in size. Large windshield provides good visibility to the driver.

The main advantage of the GAZ-2217, because of which it is in demand, is its fast commercial payback. If you use the car as a taxi, then the cost will work for 100 thousand kilometers. Upon reaching 200 thousand mileage experienced owners recommend selling equipment, if it is still in working condition. To this point, there are no “native” parts left in its design, except for the frame, body, engine and power steering (in rare cases).


GAZ-2217 Sable and Barguzin - a good car, which is worth the money. The whole family turned out to be successful and sold out in millions of series throughout Russia and abroad.

The new GAZ-2217 costs 650-800 thousand rubles. The final cost depends on the configuration and selected additional features. To the delight of buyers - power steering is included in the basic equipment.

Watch the video: #1596. GAZ Sobol Next Concept RUSSIAN CARS (December 2019).


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