Does Egypt refuse the Ka-52 Russian Alligator helicopter?

In connection with the detected technical problems, the Egyptian authorities decided to abandon the purchase of these helicopters in favor of American AH-64E Apache, some sources claim, although it was not possible to find confirmation of this news at the official level.

To combat terrorists from the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian government decided to purchase forty-six Ka-52 Alligator helicopters from Russia from 2015. By mid-2017, Egypt received three helicopters to train personnel — thirty pilots and seventy technicians trained in Russia. To date, at least twelve Alligators have been delivered to Egypt.

Unverified sources claim, in particular, that technical problems were found in the power plants of the Russian "Alligators", which are unable to work normally in a tropical climate, which leads to a loss of power. In addition, there are flaws and night vision systems, avionics and navigation system. All these problems with Russian helicopters can lead to an accident.

Allegedly, with the aim of replacing poor-quality Russian helicopters, the Egyptian government ordered 10 AH-64E Apache multi-purpose helicopters from the United States. The purchase of AH-64E Apache will increase the combat capabilities of Egypt and interoperability with the armed forces of NATO countries, we are confident in the United States.

On the other hand:

"Egypt is interested in acquiring Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters to equip Mistral, but it takes a long time to work through financial conditions," said Egyptian military expert and former head of the country's research center Gamal Mazljum.

Most likely, we are talking about a cover-up fight, in which the US, which is losing influence in the region, is trying to persuade Egypt to buy its equipment and at the same time cast a shadow on the Russian manufacturer with its traditionally more preferred proposal in terms of price-quality ratio.

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