In Russia, create a female cosmonaut

Roscosmos has begun the formation of the cosmonaut corps, consisting of representatives of the beautiful half of the population of the Russian Federation. Recall, this idea has long been in the air, and in the summer of last year, 87 candidates were registered. However, none of them have passed the selection - because we need the best of the best. And no indulgence on the female line.

The researchers of the Institute of Physics of the Humanities and Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences who work with astronauts on Earth — those who conduct flight simulations — are unequivocally sure that cosmonauts are not accepted by gender and are not worth it.

Recall that in the entire history of space travel around the Earth’s orbit only four Russians traveled: Valentina Tereshkova, Svetlana Savitskaya, Elena Serova and Elena Kondakova.

Now in the Russian cosmonaut corps there is only one woman. Anna Kikina is a test cosmonaut, but she has yet to fly into space. Depending on the success of the upcoming female selection, perhaps not only with male colleagues.

Watch the video: Final Transmission Of The Lost Russian Cosmonaut (December 2019).


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