Special means of visual protection of troops - smoke machine TDA-U

Purpose: for aerosol masking of various objects, as well as for disinsection of the area and facilities.

The TDA-U Soviet smoke machine is a special mobile engineering and technical tool providing a smoke screen to protect military and strategic objects in the visible range. The equipment is also capable of setting up aerosol protective screens to cover the accumulation of military equipment and personnel, military and civilian infrastructure because of the danger of the use of high-precision weapons by the enemy.

Development and creation of a smoke machine

The need for special equipment in the composition of engineering and technical forces, capable of covering the location of military equipment, positions and personnel in a matter of seconds, arose in the mid-1960s. This was facilitated by activization on the battlefield of the army front-line aviation and the appearance in service of armies of multiple-launch rocket systems.

The troops urgently needed special means capable of quickly providing visual disturbances to the enemy, thus sheltering military equipment and their own position from the gunners and the fire spotters. Already in the mid-60s, Soviet military engineers offered the military its own version of such a special vehicle - the TDA-U smoke machine.

The work of calculating the smoke machine TDA-U in combat conditions. Setting a smoke screen at the crossing point of the water barrier, Western Military District

The complex is installed on the chassis of the car "Ural-43206" and has the necessary technical means and capabilities for setting up an aerosol smoke screen in the desired square. If necessary, the machine can be used as a special means of disinsection. The composition of the mobile complex included a gas-thermal generator, a power plant, an air system and a tank for storing the prepared mixture. Serial production was carried out in small batches.

The parameters of the complex and the technical characteristics of the smoke machine TDA-U

  • Tank capacity - 4400 l
  • The length of the non-visible part of the aerosol curtain, not less than 1000
  • Calculation - person 3
  • Base chassis - URAL-43206
  • Wheel formula - 4x4
  • Loading capacity - 6 t
  • Curb weight - 8.35 t


  • diesel type;
  • model YMZ-238;
  • power - 154/210 kW / hp;
  • The speed of movement in the formulation of aerosol curtains - 15-40 km / h;
  • Cruising range for fuel - 830 km.

Overcoming obstacles:

  • rise - 30 degrees;
  • slope - 20 degrees;
  • ford - 1.4 m.

The experience of the combat use of the TDA-U smoke machine is negligible. A number of cars were used during the 1999-2000 Chechen campaign. More active special equipment was used in the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant as a decontamination tool.

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