"Cayman" - Belarusian armored car for the battlefield

Nine Caiman armored vehicles entered the Airborne Forces of the Republic of Belarus. They will consist of grenade launchers.

According to the developers, “Caiman” is an own design development of the 140th repair plant and is 90% made up of components manufactured in Belarus. This is a combat wheeled amphibious vehicle designed to be used as a highly mobile means of delivery and fire support for personnel of subunits, to destroy lightly armored objects, to ensure the security of the crew and troops during transportation under the conditions of probable fire contact with the enemy.

The Caiman’s performance characteristics are not inferior, and surpass foreign analogues of NATO countries in a number of indicators.

The gross weight of the car is 8.5 tons; it is equipped with a 170 horsepower diesel engine. Maximum speed - 100 km / h on the highway. Speed ​​afloat - 7 km / h. Wheel formula - 4x4. For the first time the capabilities of the new car were demonstrated in 2015.

In 2018, a batch of Cayman armored vehicles (at least eight units) was delivered by the Belarusian side to Côte d'Ivoire.

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