Machine for providing water supply for the work of the chemical troops - the automatic filling station ARS-15

The automatic casting station ARS-15 is a special engineering and technical vehicle that provides the work of the units of the radiation, chemical and biological forces in the conditions of use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. In peacetime, this technique is used by chemical forces to eliminate the consequences of man-made accidents at civilian facilities.

Development and serial production

The casting station ARS-15 on the basis of an all-terrain vehicle "Ural-375" was created in the late 70s. At that time, there was an acute shortage of special transport special means to ensure the effective operation of chemical units.

The created mobile complex provided decontamination, decontamination and disinfection of military equipment and military equipment in wartime or in a peaceful period in the event of emergency or emergency situations. With the advent of chemical battalions in the battalions of the troops of the ARS-15 autocasting station, the possibilities of chemical support for the troops, technological and industrial facilities of civilian infrastructure have significantly increased.

Auto-casting station ARS-15 at the exhibition stand in the exposition Museum of the Military Glory of the Urals, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk Region

Serial production of the mobile automatic filling station ARS-15 was launched in 1983.

Main technical characteristics of ARS-15

  • Calculation - 3 people.
  • Weight - 12.4 tons.
  • Length - 7.3 m, width - 2.6 m, height - 2.6 m.
  • Tank capacity - 3200 l.
  • Solution consumption - 0.5 l / sq.m.
  • The width of the degassing / disinfectable strip - 5 m.
  • Chassis: Ural-375.
  • Carburetor engine, power - 180 hp
  • The maximum speed of the movement is 75 km / h, the working speed of the movement is 5-7 km / h.

In the present conditions, the automated casting station ARS-15 stands on equipping the troops for radiation, chemical and biological protection of the RF Armed Forces. In addition, the auto-pouring stations are part of the companies of the RHB engaged in the chemical supply of the missile divisions of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation. To date, a certain amount of such special equipment has been transferred to the structures of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and is actively involved in extinguishing fires.

A photo

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