How much has Russia lost from sanctions?

According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, sanctions against Russian products caused damage to the country's economy at 6.3 billion dollars. The top three pests are the EU, the USA and Ukraine.

In the first place to damage the Russian economy, the European Union stands out with an indicator of 2.4 billion dollars. On the second - the United States with 1.1 billion dollars; closes the top three Ukraine, on its conscience 775 million dollars. And then Turkey follows - $ 713 million, India - $ 377 million, Iran - $ 320 million and China - 174 million in American currency.

The greatest losses were incurred by the Russian metallurgists - $ 4 billion and agricultural producers - $ 1.1 billion. Chemical industry losses amounted to 640 million dollars.

In total, restrictive measures were introduced against Russian goods in 62 countries.

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