The big-eyed employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and in the Paris riots saw the trace of the Russian special services

The SBU said to the whole world that the "Russian trace" is clearly visible in the Paris riots. Moreover, the Russian security services accused that it was they who organized all the unrest in the French capital.

An aggressive statement about the role of the Russian special services in the Paris pogroms appeared at the weekend on the SBU's official Facebook page. Also, security workers of Ukraine noted that the flag of the Donetsk People's Republic was not accidentally turned on the streets of the capital of France.

As they say in the message, on the social network page, the flag of the DPR by the hands of two Frenchmen Fabrice Sorlin and Xavier Moreau was not accidentally deployed. What a bold act they committed under the strict control of the Russian special services. For the first - works in the integration committee "Russia-Donbass", and the second is a citizen of Russia.

According to the analytical assumptions of responsible officers of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Russian special services will easily be able to initiate and organize provocations in countries such as Bulgaria, Belgium, Spain, Germany - and not only. They say that the Kremlin’s dirty methods are aimed at destroying European stability.

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