Best machine guns

Most long-range

Kalashnikov machine gun "Pecheneg". It is considered to be the most long-range of the existing machine guns. The sighting range of Pechenega is about 1500 meters - with such an indicator, it significantly bypasses foreign competitors. The competitors are also far behind the maximum range: at Pechenega, it is more than 3,800 meters.

The fastest

German MG3 with its rate of fire, depending on the choice of shooting, it ranges from 1,200 to 1,500 rounds per minute, confidently gets the title of the most rapid-fire machine gun. For example, the rate of fire of foreign analogues is from 600 to 900 rounds per minute.

Most versatile

The American M240 machine gun was adopted in the US in 1977. During this time, he modified several times, and now it is the most versatile machine gun in the world. It is produced and used in all branches of the military, in various modifications: lightweight, weighted, with bipods, tripods, for motorized rifle brigades, for infantry, for helicopters, etc. Machine gun M240 participated in a huge number of conflicts.

The easiest

The Israeli "Negev" with a replaceable barrel chambered for 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 mm weighs only about 7.5 kilograms, and rightfully receives the title of the lightest machine gun. In the machine gun there are several modifications, including a version with a shortened barrel, whose length is 330 millimeters.

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