Modernized frigates of the type "Admiral Gorshkov" will receive "Caliber"

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided to increase the number of frigates of project 22350 of the Admiral Gorshkov type by one and a half times - from four to six units. And for these needs are even ready to open a credit line.

Today, there are active consultations on the issue of increasing the number of frigates of the type “Admiral Gorshkov” and expanding financial possibilities for their construction. Moreover, the decision to open a credit line is in the competence of the Government of Russia.

It is noteworthy: according to experts, initially it was all about eight "Admirals of Gorshkov". However, then their number was cut to six. And at the shipyard laid only four.

And what is most interesting, we have enough production capabilities. Most likely, as usual - a hitch in money. More precisely, in their lack.

To date, only the lead ship of the Admiral Gorshkov series has been transferred to the fleet. The second frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" plan to surrender in the autumn of 2019. They want to complete the whole series by 2022.

Officially, according to the command of the Russian Navy, Russia needs about 18 frigates of project 22350 for complete security from the sea.

Initially, by the way, (at the beginning of the century) they were planned to be built at least 30 units.

Recall, the frigate of project 22350 has a displacement of 5,000 tons, its length is 135 m, width is 16 m, the maximum speed is 29 knots, the cruising range is up to 4,500 miles, and the autonomy of navigation is up to one month. The crew - 180-210 people. The ship is armed with 16 Onyx or Caliber missiles, as well as the Polyment-Redut anti-aircraft missile system.

By the way, the new frigates of the modernized 22350M project are planned to be equipped with eight additional Caliber cruise missiles.

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