The United States recognized the hypersonic superiority of Russia and China

As stated in the report of the Accounts Chamber of the United States of America, this country today does not have the necessary protection from the new generation of hypersonic weapons of Russia and China.

America today is virtually defenseless against hypersonic weapons systems of the Russian Federation and the PRC. This is the disappointing conclusion of military analysts, formulated in the report of the Accounts Chamber of the USA to the members of the national congress.

The document also notes the fact that Moscow and Beijing are so immersed in the topic of development of hypersonic military systems that there are no comparable examples of technological development in the United States today. The height and maneuverability of the new super-high-speed weapons can damage most North American missile defense systems and US military bases throughout the world. In addition, hypersonic technology, added in the report, can be used to upgrade conventional and long-range nuclear missiles.

In October, it was reported that Washington was going to accelerate with the creation of hypersonic weapons. The decision followed the first successful tests of a supersonic aircraft in China in August, as well as the May presentation by Russian President Vladimir Putin of a new weapon, including a hypersonic missile.

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