Armored car "The Punisher" baptized in Dagestan

The Punisher armored car, which aroused great interest among specialists and ordinary Russians, passed its first combat test. The armored car was used by FSB special forces during a special operation held April 13-14 in the Dagestan village Leninkent. The video, which captured the "Punisher" after the completion of special events, could be viewed on Youtube.

The Punisher armored car, declassified at the end of February, during its presentation to V. Putin, was developed by Fort-Technology, and the futuristic appearance of the Punisher was the original idea of ​​promoter designer Svyatoslav Saakyan.

The armored vehicle, also known as "Falcatus", is an exceptionally resistant to shelling combat unit that meets the most advanced standards of armor resistance. As for the technical characteristics of the armored car, they are unknown.

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