How the US wants to pinch Belarus from Russia

Oh, and itching for the United States - all would be their countries to part with! Here once again, in the spike with the European Union, American special diplomats are working on the economic and ideological separation of fraternal Belarus from Russia. This was recently said in an interview with the RT television channel by the Russian ambassador to Minsk, Mikhail Babich.

According to the ambassador, this is “well-planned, organized, systematic and long-term work”. And the first generation is exposed to processing.

“Tens, hundreds of millions of dollars and euros have been allocated for this work through various NGOs in the fields of education, culture, and humanitarian projects,” the RT channel quoted the Russian ambassador to Belarus.

According to the ambassador, they want to use Belarus as a springboard for pressure on Russia. And for this, no money is spared. The algorithm of this work is simple and methodical: first, distrust is sown, then it is brought to a state of hostility, and then processes are launched to tear away the territory from Russia - in humanitarian, ideological and economic terms. A striking example of this worked out scheme is Ukraine and Georgia.

Whether this brought them a benefit in the end - the answer to this question is not particularly required.

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