Unique US missiles disable electronics

At the disposal of the US military appeared electromagnetic missiles to defeat electronics. More recently, it became known about weapons that destroy the enemy's electronics without harm to people and structures. Previously, this could only be presented in science fiction works. The United States Air Force confirmed that this technology has already been created. A high-precision air-to-ground cruise missile called JASSM will help deploy it. This development was carried out in the course of the military program CHAMP.

First studies

In 2012, Boeing successfully tested an electromagnetic emitter, which destabilized and invalidated computer equipment in a building. Based on information from the official representative of the company Boeing, it was possible to disable even the cameras in the building.

The rocket was installed electromagnetic gun, which attacks with microwave shells, affecting all connected to the network of electronic equipment. Electromagnetic waves cause serious voltage drops, after which the electronics fail.

Project manager Keith Coleman explained that the development opens up the newest possibilities for waging war. In the near future, the technology will be able to disable enemy electronics before the living force and technology appear.

Brand new weapon

According to the Internet resource Foxtrot Alpha, the development opens the era of completely new weapons. The JASSM missile, created by Lockheed Martin, is great for interacting with CHAMP, which will allow you to use this weapon on various military aircraft.

"All the functionality of this technology is already available today. This is a working complex, which is in the hands of our tactical Air Force", - shared information Thomas Masiello, working in the scientific laboratory of the Air Force of the United States of America.

Experts believe that there is a possibility of a new arms race, which will force most countries to create their own electromagnetic weapons. And the fact that Western countries are very dependent on electronics makes them much more vulnerable.

Watch the video: CHAMP missile: US developing EMP cruise missile that could disable NK rockets - TomoNews (February 2020).