"Sprut-SDM1" is ready for state trials

State Corporation Rostec has completed the preparation of several prototype tank destroyers Sprut-SDM1 for state testing. They will hold, according to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, in 2019.

As noted in the "Rostec", according to the results of state tests, the fate of this combat vehicle will become clear. In addition, at present, the preparation of relevant documentation is underway on the basis of which the tests will be conducted.

Experienced models are equipped with a 125 mm caliber gun. Design and manufacture of experimental machines made Volgograd engineering company.

The contract for the design of a modified self-propelled crawler-mounted anti-tank gun was signed in 2013. In 2014, the first prototype of a floating and air-dropped vehicle was prepared. He was shown to the public at the "Army - 2015" exposition.

The machine possesses a chassis, transmission, and a digital fire control system unified with the BMD-4M. The 2A75M cannon is mounted on this "Sprut", which has enhanced combat accuracy.

The basic model of the Sprut-SD with a 2A75 gun was adopted by the Airborne Forces in 2006. According to data obtained from open sources, for the needs of the Airborne Forces from 2005 to 2010. 30 vehicles were purchased, but after a while the shipment of equipment to the troops was suspended.

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