Saddle for a horse: the most popular versions and modern modifications

The saddle is the most famous element of horse gear. There are many types of saddles, but most of them are obsolete and are used only in various historical reconstructions. Currently popular sports and dressage options. To choose the right saddle for the horse, or make it your own hands, you need to know the features of their design.

What are the saddles for?

Some believe that the saddles are intended only for the convenience of riders, and for the horse they are inconvenient and burdensome. Of course, a person is much more comfortable to use this device for riding. The back of a horse is not so flat that the feeder can sit there comfortably. In addition, stirrups are attached to the saddle, which serve as a support for the rider.

How does a saddle for a horse help an animal and rider:

  • The saddle protects the back of the animal from various rubbing;
  • The saddle device helps to evenly distribute the rider's weight on the horse's back;
  • Under the saddle enclosed potniki that help protect the horse's back;
  • Sitting in a modern saddle, the rider gets the necessary bearing.

Based on the above, one can understand that a saddled horse is preferable for its owner, and he himself will be better protected from injuries and rubbing his back.

Types of horse saddles

Currently, saddles are of various types:

  • Asian;
  • Ladies;
  • Cossack;
  • English;
  • Spanish and so on.

Very rarely such specific species as a saddle "Western" or Amerindian are encountered. Most modern models of this type can be found only in various shows or historical reconstructions. Despite this, modern and historical options have a lot in common:

  • They all have front and back bows;
  • Wing and liner;
  • Girth;
  • Potnik;
  • Pristugi;
  • Schnelller;
  • Pillows;
  • Belts of drains;
  • Stirrup.

Some specific models, such as the women's saddle, had a non-standard design.

Features of cavalry and Cossack saddles

Cavalry saddle is a convenient element of horse harness, designed for a long stay in it rider. A special feature of cavalry saddles is the material from which Lenchik is made. As a rule, it was wood or steel. Since this type of harness was used in the army, it was often supplied with various devices for fastening luggage and weapons.

The Cossack saddle differed from the cavalry type by the form more traditional for the eastern models. The rider sits significantly higher than in European types of saddles. In addition, the Cossack models have special handles, which are located on the front and rear bows. Once upon a time these handles were used as mountings for weapons. Now these handles are used, as a rule, as reference points for trick riding. Under the Cossack saddle encrusted potnik, the blanket has never been used.

Ladies' saddle and its features

The first ladies' saddle appeared in ancient Greece. On the old frescoes you can find images that vaguely resemble modern models. The main feature of modern women's saddles is the presence of two bows. This allows the rider, who sits sideways, to feel more confident on the back of the horse. Despite its "feminine" purpose, the saddle is a very dangerous invention. However, in the past, ladies could not only jump in it quickly, but also take on various obstacles.

It is worth noting that the old lady's saddle weighs about 12 kg, which made horse riding for a lonely lady a problem occupation. As a rule, servants or relatives helped the ladies with horses, and the most distinguished persons had special grooms who often not only accompanied the owner, but also led her horse to the bridle.

Modern models of ladies' saddles are made of lightweight materials, which makes them not only more affordable, but more than twice as light. The device of the saddle of the modern type allows the rider to feel more comfortable and confident.

Sport saddles for equestrian sport

Saddles for sports equestrian competitions can be divided into the following types:

  • Dressage saddle. This type is specially designed for horse dressage. The rider’s landing is very deep, as the horse must feel the slightest change in a person’s posture and understand all his commands, which are served by the body and legs. Seasonal-seat saddles have shortened seats and narrow shelves;
  • Sport seat universal type. This type is suitable mainly for amateurs who do not seek professional participation in competitions. Due to convenience, the saddles of this type can be used for walks, hunting and various training;
  • Sport triathlon saddle. This model is very similar to the universal one, but it has a wing extended forward. This provides convenience when making a field landing during the cross;
  • The race seat is distinguished by its minimum weight, since every extra kilogram plays a role in racing. Stirrups of this type are short, as the rider stands in them during the competition.

Those who are not going to engage in professional equestrian sports, it is better to purchase universal saddles.

Features of the selection of saddles

Not only the comfort of the rider depends on the correct choice of saddle. This directly affects the relationship between animal and man. If the saddle delivers unpleasant sensations to the horse, he will never have a mutual understanding with the rider, so you must try on the saddle. It should pay attention to the following points:

  • The uniformity of the saddle on the horse's back;
  • Check whether the structure does not pressure from any side;
  • The saddle should not move forward or backward.

If everything is in order, you need to tighten the cinch and make a test drive. At the same time pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The rider's fit should be comfortable;
  • When riding a trot, you must make sure that there is no wool on the jacket. The driver himself should not lean out from under the saddle.

If a horse has a non-standard addition, for example, it has a wide rib cage, then the question of saddle selection can be delayed for several years. It will be easier to find a good saddler who will measure your horse and make a saddle to order.

Seat fabrication steps

If you want to make a saddle yourself, then you should not hope that it will work out the first time. Sad craft, like many other things, requires perseverance. Those who are not afraid of difficulties, you need to know that any saddle is made in several stages:

  1. First, Lenchik is made, which is the basis of the whole structure. The comfort of the horse depends on the correctness of the manufacture of Lenchik. The basis of the design is made of wooden plates, which are interconnected by metal bows. Before you start work, you need to make a mock-up of the product, using cardboard and wire for this;
  2. After the manufacture of Lenchik, you need to fill the interior trim. For this, the base is made of plywood, which is superimposed by foam rubber upholstery. Most often, foam rubber is folded several times. When stuffing foam on a plywood base, you need to make sure that the nails enter the base of the lecik;
  3. The next step is the manufacture of upholstery. As a rule, genuine leather is used for this. Since working with leather requires certain skills, you can use any thick fabric made from natural materials instead;
  4. After making the saddle, you need to make cunts. They are arranged asymmetrically. The main task of the girth is to fix the saddle in one position.

Naturally, this information will not be enough for self-manufacturing of the saddle, but this will help to understand the design of the saddles.

How to assess the degree of wear of the saddle

Many novice riders who decide to purchase their own horse are faced with the need to purchase a saddle. Since new products are quite expensive, it is often necessary to choose used products. When choosing, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The first step is checked prisugi. They can be stretched or thinned. Since you can easily replace the prisstrugi, you should not abandon the saddle, especially if it is in excellent condition, but the price can be significantly reduced;
  • All rivets and gable locks must be in place and work properly;
  • Next you need to check Lenchik. It should not be deformed or broken. Buy a saddle with a broken Lenchik should be immediately abandoned;
  • The next step will be an inspection of seat cushions. They should not be deformed. If necessary, you can replace the stuffing of seat cushions.

In addition, the appearance of the saddle should not have visible signs of wear. Rubbing is allowed, but a saddle with torn skin is not worth taking.

Options saddles there are a great many. The main thing when choosing is to focus not on the appearance, but on the convenience of both the rider and the horse.

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