Are US media trying to thwart the Russian-Turkish agreement on the C-400?

The American news agency Bloomberg has published a report that after the purchase of S-400 air defense systems in Russia, Turkey will allow American military-technical experts to study in detail the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.

When publishing this information, which had already appeared in the news feeds of domestic Internet resources, the news agency referred to some “sources informed about the progress of negotiations between Turkey and the United States of America”. According to Bloomberg, in this way, Turkey would like to eliminate US objections to the deal on the S-400 air defense systems.

According to experts who note the appearance of such data in overseas media at the current moment, with the help of stuffing this information, the States want to thwart the Russian-Turkish agreement on the supply of S-400. Recall, on December 19, the US Department of Defense issued a statement approving the sale by Turkey of the Patriot air defense systems for a total of three and a half billion dollars. But this fact in itself does not mean the signing of an agreement on the supply of weapons, or even the end of negotiations with Turkey that is successful for the United States of America.

For representatives of these two countries to be able to begin negotiations on the supply of Patriot, the sale of anti-missile systems must be approved by the US Senate. In 2013, their purchase has already been discussed in Turkey. But the United States did not want to disclose to the Turkish side the technical features of the Patriots, and Ankara applied for air defense systems, first in Beijing and then in Moscow.

In a statement, the Pentagon reported that the positive decision of the State Department for the sale of "Patriots" includes the possibility of supplying radar systems, launch stations, and control stations for hitting targets. But there is no clear information on whether the United States of America is ready to share with the Turkish side in case of a potential sale of the technical nuances of the “Patriots”.

The agreement between Russia and Turkey on the supply of air defense and missile defense systems S-400 was signed by the parties in September 2017. The signing of this agreement caused a sharply negative reaction from the United States and the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In total, under the terms of this arms supply agreement, Turkey will buy four battalions of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia for a total value of two and a half billion dollars. The first delivery is due in 2019.

Dissatisfied with this development of the situation, Washington, instead of C-400, offers Turkey to buy American Patriot air defense systems. At the same time, the Americans literally twist the arms of the Turkish side, claiming that the purchase of S-400 complexes from Russia threatens to disrupt the transfer of F-35 fighter planes to Ankara.

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