Russian weapons on the world market

The international exhibition of armament and military equipment Airshow China 2018 started in the Chinese city of Zhuhai, in which companies of the Russian military-industrial complex take an active part.

The structure authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation for organizing cooperation with foreign countries in the military-technical state corporation Rosoboronexport presented a wide range of military-purpose products, primarily aircraft and air defense equipment.

Specialists and the public are represented by the already well-known multifunctional fighters Su-35 and MiG-29M / M2, the export version of the front-line bomber Su-32 (analogue of the Russian aerospace forces in service with the Su-34) and the modernized tanker Il 78MK-90A and military transport Il-76MD-90A.

Among helicopters, the Ka-52, Mi-171Sh and Mi-35M rotary-wing aircraft are the most noticeable. Past the air defense stands will not allow to pass complexes S-400, Tor-M2E, and Verba.

Particular attention is expected to be riveted to the newest development of the Almaz-Antey concern - the Viking anti-aircraft missile system, which is a continuation of the line of the famous Buk missile systems.

The “Viking” complex belonging to medium-range air defense systems is designed to cover troops and important objects from enemy air raids, including promising samples of aircraft.

The complex consists of a command and control point and a target detection station. Fire means are represented by 12 launchers. Also includes radar illumination and guidance to the air target.

The capabilities of the complex ensure the defeat of air objects at a range of up to 65 kilometers and an altitude of about 25 thousand meters. The time required to detect and issue a command to launch a rocket does not exceed 12 seconds.

Given the excellent tactical and technical characteristics of the new complex, international experts predict a high demand for this product from foreign partners.

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