The reconnaissance chemical machine RCM "Kashalot" on the basis of MT-LB - a means of ensuring the effective operation of chemical troops

The Soviet reconnaissance chemical machine РХМ "Kashalot" is a special technical engineering vehicle. The machine is designed to collect intelligence data on the radiation, chemical and biological situation in the quartering of troops and important military and civilian infrastructure.

History of creation and mass production of RCM "Kashalot"

The need for special reconnaissance equipment in the troops, capable of controlling the radiation, chemical and biological situation in the zone of operation of army units, arose in the mid-50s. The emergence of nuclear tactical weapons and the presence in armaments of the armies of foreign states of an arsenal of poisonous substances forced the Soviet military designers to create special engineering and technical equipment.

For these purposes, the tracked base of the MT-LB artillery tractor was used. The well-protected armored mobile platform of the tractor was installed the necessary equipment, instruments and means of observation. Several machine-building enterprises of the Soviet Union were simultaneously engaged in serial production. About 40 vehicles were delivered to the chemical troops.

The reconnaissance chemical machine РХМ "Kashalot" based on MT-LB in the closed position of the battalion of radiochemical protection. Western Military District

Technical parameters of the reconnaissance chemical machine RCM "Kashalot"

  • Calculation - 3 people.
  • Weight - 13.3 tons
  • Length - 6.3 m, width - 2.8 m, height - 2.2 m, ground clearance - 400 mm.
  • Armament: 7.62 mm machine gun (ammunition - 2000 rounds).
  • Special equipment: means of identifying contaminated sites, chemical alarm signals of the SHT, meteorological kit MK-3M, degassing complex IDK-1.
  • Armor thickness: bulletproof.
  • Diesel engine, power - 300 hp
  • Maximum speed on the highway - 61 km / h, afloat - 8 km / h.
  • Cruising on the highway - 500 km.

The reconnaissance chemical machine RCM "Kashalot" was not used in hostilities. The main operator of special equipment was the chemical troops of the USSR Armed Forces. The machine was massively used in April-May 1986 during the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. To date, 5 units of the RCM "Kashalot" are in the battalion of radiochemical protection of the 19th OMSBR of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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