What remedies do the 100th anniversary of the Russian Chemicals and Radiation Industry Army meet with?

These days, the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (RCBZ) of the armed forces of the Russian Federation celebrate 100 years from the date of creation.

The RCBZ troops approached the celebration of their jubilee with all seriousness, not only planning to hold official official events, but also presenting promising means of individual and group protection from the effects of the damaging factors of weapons of mass destruction.

New generation protection equipment provides guaranteed protection against various dangerous groups of biological agents. Their design and the modern technologies used in the production have led to the fact that they are already similar to space suits, ensuring the long-term stay of a soldier in special equipment with an autonomous supply of oxygen-air mixture to the respiratory organs. In addition, a comfortable temperature and humidity levels are maintained.

If we talk about mobile complexes RHBZ, then you should pay attention to the new machine radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance RHM-8.

Currently, the new complex is undergoing field testing. Created a car based on the chassis of an armored vehicle "Tiger".

Unlike its predecessors, the RHM-4 and RHM-6, in which the serviceman had to leave the vehicle for taking samples, which did not preclude the ingress of hazardous substances into the car and was dangerous for the crew, the design of the prospective reconnaissance complex RHM-8 provides remote air research and ground. For this, special manipulators are provided, which can be controlled by the operator of the complex from inside the vehicle.

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