Thailand asks for tanks from China

The leadership of the Ground Forces of the Kingdom of Thailand is awaiting the approval of a deal to purchase a new batch of VT-4 tanks manufactured by the PRC. It is expected that in the new party will be delivered 14 cars. The transaction amount is $ 74.05 million. This was announced on January 16.

The kingdom’s defense department signed a contract with NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation) for the supply of 28 VT-4 tanks. The signing of the papers took place in April 2016. The total cost of delivery equals $ 147 million. The first batch arrived in the kingdom on October 8, 2017, that is, six months ahead of schedule.

In April 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kingdom approved the purchase of a second batch of 11 tanks in the amount of 58 million dollars. This batch was delivered in December 2018.

New armored vehicles will be available to the newly formed 3rd cavalry division. It is deployed in the province of Khon Kaen, located in the northeast of the Kingdom of Thailand, near the borders with Laos and Cambodia. New technology is replacing the outdated M41A3. In service with the Thai army is 53 pieces of this old technology.

Tactical and technical data.

The weight of the VT-4 tank is 52 tons. The maximum speed of movement is 71 km / h. Cruising at a speed of 40 km / h reaches 500 km. A tank is able to overcome water obstacles 4–5 meters deep, besides it can overcome moats 2.7 meters wide.

The tank is equipped with a 125 mm cannon and two machine guns of a caliber of 12.7 and 7.62 mm. The machine is able to fire at a distance of 5 km. VT - 4 is adapted for use in tropical climates. It has air conditioning system installed.

Watch the video: 北方工业中国vt4坦克到泰国 China VT4 tank in Thailand (October 2019).


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