The new high-speed helicopter design office "Mil" will go into service with the Russian armed forces

The developers of the Russian design bureau Mil have successfully defended the concept of a new high-speed helicopter at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

A promising rotary-winged machine, as conceived by engineers, should be able to reach speeds of around 400 km / h. It is known that the helicopter is designed according to the classical uniaxial scheme.

Work on a promising aircraft carried out since 2013. To complete research and development work is planned no later than 2020.

Many of the technical solutions that the creators expect to use in the designed helicopter are being actively tested on a flying laboratory converted from a Mi-24 attack helicopter. This experimental machine first took to the air in early 2017. During that flight, a speed of about 400 km / h was reached.

In October of this year, the media reported on another project of a promising high-speed helicopter of the Kamov Design Bureau, designed according to a coaxial scheme.

A distinctive feature of the car were additional aerodynamic surfaces at the bottom of the fuselage. In the description of the helicopter, it was noted that having both blades and wings at the same time would help it reach speeds of up to 700 km / h.

Watch the video: Russian defense contractor developing new heavy helicopter prototype (January 2020).