Carabiner for hunting TOZ-78

Toz-78 is a popular hunting carbine that uses 5.6LR ring-ignition cartridges. The weapon was born in 1986, when the Tula Arms Factory began production of this model. She planned to replace the already outdated Toz-16, Toz-17 and Toz-18.

The main structural feature of the Toz-78 rifle is the new scheme of locking the barrel bore: it has become more durable and reliable. This made it possible to use any ring-ignition ammunition, including increased power, without detriment to the service life of the gun.

Toz-78 device


The barrel of the 78th model is made by a new technology, so it has become heavier and stronger, more securely attached to the receiver. The front fly is mounted on the muzzle side of the barrel.


The shutter in this tool is combined with a powerful combat spring, but the overall design is made so that a lot of effort will not have to be applied. It is designed according to the classical scheme: longitudinally sliding with cocking of the mainspring when unlocking the barrel. The spring provides impeccable breaking of the cartridge primer even in the most severe weather conditions.

The design of the carbine allows the use of charges of increased power, the pressure from the powder gases in which reaches 2000 kgf / cm2. For guns of a similar class, this indicator does not exceed 1,300. This is ensured by the presence of two lugs located one behind the other. A more reliable locking is also provided by an additional bolt protrusion, it is placed in a special groove of the receiver. As in Toz-120, here the bolt is equipped with an indicator of cocking of a drummer.

To disassemble the gate does not require a lot of tools, effort and time. This allows you to quickly carry out cleaning and lubrication, which is necessary for long-term and stable operation of the implement. The gate with the box is designed in a remarkable way: the parts are adjusted so that the possibility of the ingress of dirt inside the receiver is completely excluded.

The trigger mechanism is mounted on a separate basis. For comfortable work and increased accuracy, special screws are provided with which you can adjust the descent force and its working stroke.


The developers of the carbine took care of the safety of customers, so they installed a non-automatic safety device, more typical of high-class rifled weapons, on their guns. Due to this, it became possible not only to lock the trigger, but also to set the shutter to the closed position.

Such a constructional solution reduces to zero the probability of an accidental shot during the transportation and carrying of a rifle. The activation flag of the fuse is located on the right side of the weapon, on the front of the receiver.

The shops

Toz-78 uses stores for 5 or 10 rounds. For this carbine, a special design of the shops was chosen - sectorial. This store has the best performance, since it does not rebuild charges when sending to the chamber.

Removed the store with the help of a traditional latch. Karazin Toz-78 is protected from involuntary pressing this button.


The sight is made on the drum type and can be fixed in four different positions. They depend on the distance at which you want to shoot: 25, 50, 75 or 100 meters. Fly reliably protected by a special case.

On a special bracket you can install optical sights. The device bracket allows you to aim with the help of an open sight, not taking pictures for this optical sight.


Bed Toz-78 is made of a pistol type. Aesthetic appearance is achieved due to the material from which it is made - birch, as well as matte transparent varnish, which is covered with a bed before assembly. Its nape is made of durable plastic, and the neck and handguard have a convenient notch.

Some parts of the weapon are made of durable and lightweight metal alloy. This material is highly reliable and will serve the arrow with proper care for many years. In addition, glass-filled polyamide is used for the manufacture of some components.


  • 5.6LR cartridges are used for firing;
  • The length of the carbine barrel is 536 millimeters;
  • The total length of the carabiner is 1,000 millimeters;
  • The weight of the unloaded carbine is 2.5 kilograms;
  • The store holds 5 or 10 charges.


This tool Tula production has several modifications:

  • Toz-78 - standard model. Sold complete with optics and four stores (two for 5 charges, 2 for 10 charges);
  • Toz-78-01 is a budget version of the Toz-78 carbine. There is no optical sight in the kit and only two magazines are attached (for 5 and 10 cartridges);
  • Toz-78-04 - produced for the foreign market, different thread on the muzzle of the barrel;
  • Toz-78-05 - the barrel of this modification has increased strength. Included in the delivery is an optical sight. The design of the carbine is devoid of an open sight;
  • Toz-78-06 - is similar to the previous model, the export model.


Rifle Toz-78 is a reliable and popular weapon. It is used for sporting and commercial hunting. In the production of the carbine used modern materials that provide high strength carbine. The manufacturer claims a working resource of 15 thousand shots. In fact, if the instrument is properly looked after and cleaned regularly, the service life may be 25-30 thousand shots.

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