Balisong - Butterfly Knife: Unique Opportunities

The knife balisong, popularly called the "butterfly", is the most recognizable frame-type knife on the hinge in the world. The butterfly knife has become the only knife in the world, because of which the whole subculture "flipping" has developed. It is based on different types of rotation of the balisong and includes tricks with a butterfly knife.

This butterfly knife became widespread immediately after the end of the Second World War. American soldiers loved the traditional Filipino knives, and they massively imported them into their homeland. Shortly thereafter, the Hollywood cinema in his action films began to hand over balisongs to the hands of street thugs. Thanks to this spectacular folding knife gained worldwide love and recognition.

The reason for the popularity of this type of knives was not only the simplicity and reliability of this design. The films led to the fact that every street thug tried to acquire several such knives of butterflies, and they used them not only for "flipping".

The special design of the knife allows you to quickly open it with any hand, in addition, it is equally convenient for both right-handed and left-handed people. The masterful rotation of these knives in both hands exerted a fascinating effect on passers-by, and they meekly handed their wallets to street thugs, knowing that they would not hesitate to use knives.

How did butterfly knives come about?

Now it is not known exactly about the origin of the knives of the balisongs. There are many versions, but the most popular are two: the Philippine and European.

The Philippine version is very poetic, like all local legends. According to her, the balisong appeared in the eighth century. Being a family shrine, it was passed from father to eldest son through the centuries. Divorced halves of the handle and the blade symbolized the earth, sky and water. However, research could not confirm this legend. During excavations, such knives have never been found, and in the tales of the Filipino nationalities the traditional “Bolo” knife is usually found, and there is not a single word about the butterfly knife.

The very name "balisong" can be translated as "rattling horn" or "broken horn." The handles of the first Philippine knives were made from the horn of a buffalo.

The first documented references to these knives date back to 1905. It was then that the first butterfly knives were made in the city of Batangas. Their blade, along with the handle, was 29 centimeters long. The first was made a knife, which is practically no different from modern analogs local blacksmith Perfecto de Leon.

The western version of the appearance of knives of this type is more prosaic. If you follow its logic, it turns out that the balisong is a direct descendant of a folding European ruler, combined with a knife. Knives of a similar design appeared in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century.

Most likely, the European model of a working folding knife was simply modified by a local blacksmith, who made a formidable weapon from a household object.

Butterfly Knife Design Elements

The classic butterfly knife consists of the following elements:

  1. Blade;
  2. The handle in two parts;
  3. Latch;
  4. Two pins;
  5. Two hinge axles.

In the halves of the handle there are grooves, this scheme allows the blade to properly hide between the two halves of the handle. Sometimes the shank of the knife has protrusions in front of the handle, which act as a stop and do not allow the hand to slip on the blade.

Types of balysongov

Now on sale you can find many models of balisongs. They are both classic and with an unusual blade shape. Known master knife fights Jeff Imada divides them into four groups, we will add two more:

  1. Big balisongs up to 29 centimeters;
  2. Medium lengths up to 24 centimeters;
  3. Small to 19;
  4. Ultra-small, whose length does not exceed 9 centimeters;
  5. Butterfly training knife, it can be either with a blunt blade or a comb in the shape of a comb;
  6. Knives with exotic blades.

The last point should be considered as collectible knives, although there are quite working combat options.

Review of the knife Butterfly NOx Shikari

This model of balisong from the Russian manufacturer Knox is positioned as an additional hunter knife. Immediately it can be noted that balysongs are loved by urban hooligans, but they have never been hunting knives.

The build quality of this model is four. There are minor flaws, such as a poor fit of the linings or small cracks. This does not affect the functionality.

The handle in a hand lies conveniently enough, due to plastic overlays. The stops on the blade are processed and do not dig into the hand. What steel was used to make the blade is not specified.

An interesting feature of this knife, which allowed the manufacturer to rank it as a hunting one, is the presence of an extractor for extracting cartridges from a gun.

This knife can be recommended only to those hunters whose cartridges often get stuck in their guns, there is no other use for hunting.

Butterfly knife cold weapon?

In the 90s, a legend appeared that all butterfly knives are cold weapons. This was due to the fact that the bandits in their showdowns often used precisely balisoons. The law, however, interprets that knives of this design are melee weapons, provided that the length of their blades is more than 90 millimeters. Most butterfly knives in our country do not fall into the category of cold arms for this very reason.

Abroad, for example in Germany, the balisongs are prohibited, in Australia for their wearing need special permission.

Is it possible to make a balisong yourself using a drawing

The design of the butterfly knife is quite simple, so for its manufacture you will need a drawing and materials for the knife. The drawing can be found on the Internet, and the materials can be purchased in special knife shops or machined all the elements of the knife yourself. The easiest way is to take the Chinese "donor" and replace it with a blade and handle lock. So we get a quality knife, which is not quality in quality branded counterparts.

The butterfly knife is a rather specific knife that is not very suitable for solving everyday tasks. Before you buy it, carefully weigh the pros and cons.

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