Boots will provide soldiers with electricity

Several prototypes of power generating devices have been tested at the US military base in California. They will provide military gear equipment and support it in full combat readiness.

Electricity Shoes

At this time, the US military for a 3-day patrol take with them spare batteries, the total weight of which ranges from 7 to 9 kg. This allows you to replace the dead batteries in field conditions, but at the same time significantly increases the weight of the ammunition. Thus, manual chargers lead to excessive soldier fatigue, and solar panels are powerless at night.

Experts are seriously thinking about solving this problem. They decided to integrate the generators into the shoes and even the kneecaps of the military. Every step taken in innovative boots creates a small charge to power the batteries of electrical equipment.

Foot generator consists of 2 parts. One fastens on a shin, and the second on a hip. During movement, they are displaced relative to each other and drive a small electric motor. Built-in chip controls the load on the muscles of the fighter to prevent excessive fatigue. Experts say that the new development is more suitable for space programs, where a large weight of shoes is compensated for by weightlessness.

The attitude of the military to new shoes

In the army, new clothes did not please everyone. For example, the Marines did not like this design, as it became too heavy to wear boots. One of the soldiers said that the shoes cause everyone to laugh, and you can find a more efficient way to charge batteries in the conditions of the campaign. The soldier decided to leave his name a secret.

Other developments

A modern soldier can no longer do without electronic devices. If a dead battery creates a number of inconveniences to a civilian person, then such a nuisance can be serious for a soldier. Therefore, scientists are constantly developing devices that will help conserve energy. Along with the new shoes, experts have demonstrated portable solar panels and a backpack that uses kinetic energy.

It remains to hope that scientists will be able to improve their development and eliminate all the shortcomings. The good news is that a breakthrough in this area has already been made and the future shown in science fiction films may very soon become real.

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