In Russia, will develop an orbital taxi for astronauts

In RSC Energia they told that a newest cosmonauts delivery system to the International Space Station was developed there. When using the double-track crew delivery system to the ISS, the time taken to transfer astronauts from the ground to the station will be about three hours.

According to the RSC Energia guide, a three-hour, two-turn approach to the International Space Station has been developed based on Soyuz MS.

Previously, a six-hour rendezvous scheme was developed and introduced into the practice of space flights for the delivery of people to the ISS, which made it possible to reduce the crew and cargo delivery time to the station by eight times.

Today, a three-hour flight is being worked out on Progress cargo transport ships.

Watch the video: SpaceX unveils new space taxi for astronauts (October 2019).


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