Why is the competition for the supply of fighters for the needs of the Indian Air Force postponed?

The tender procedure for the supply of 110 fighter aircraft for the needs of the Indian Air Force has been postponed to a later time. The amount of the transaction was 20 billion US dollars.

Sources from the Ingian Times report that the next Indian government will decide on the procedure. It will be formed after the elections to be held in 2019. Part of the postponement occurred after a grand scandal with the purchase of 36 fighters "Rafal" made in France. By the way, the decision to buy them is still severely criticized by the opposition.

In the summer of 2018, there were reports of six potential participants in the competition for the supply of aircraft to the Indian Air Force. Four of them offered to supply fighter aircraft equipped with two power units: F-18e / f, Rafal, MiG-35 and Typhoon. Two more companies offered cars with the same power plant - the Grippen and the F-16.

A little later, the Russian company "Sukhoi" made an offer for the supply of Su-35.

A bit of history

In August 2018, there was a serious scandal around an attempt to purchase 36 Rafale fighters. The opposition considered that the cost of the contract was at least twice as high. According to some political figures, this was the biggest scam in terms of arms purchases for the armed forces of India.

Watch the video: India re-opens competition to supply 110 fighters (October 2019).


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