Americans have learned to intercept the latest Russian missiles "Dagger"

The Americans claim that they have found an "antidote" from the latest Russian attack missile systems, the Dagger and Avant-garde. This is a project of the famous DARPA agency, demonstrated at the D60 exhibition, timed to the 60th anniversary of this organization. New anti-missile system called Glide Breaker. This writes the edition of The Drive.

Journalists report that the new American development is a small aircraft designed to destroy enemy hypersonic missiles by their kinetic interception. The creators believe that Glide Breaker will help the US military to neutralize the threat posed by the latest hypersonic systems in China and Russia.

Recall, DARPA is a special management of the Pentagon, which is responsible for high-tech developments in the interests of the armed forces. At one time, the specialists of this organization created an electronic military network ARPANET, from which the Internet later emerged.

How does the new American hypersonic missile interceptor work?

Hypersonic is a weapon that is capable of flying for a long time at speeds above 5 Mach. At the moment, the creation of such systems is considered one of the most promising areas for the development of military equipment. According to both domestic and foreign experts, hypersonic weapons can drastically change the global balance of power and force the major powers to look for new approaches to strategic deterrence. Today, developments in this field are actively engaged in the United States, Russia, China, India, Israel and Europe.

At the moment, there are already several samples of hypersonic weapons in service with the Russian army. We are talking about the anti-ship rocket Zircon, the joint Brahmos project with India, as well as the Dagger and Avant-garde complexes, which were first announced during the March message to the Federal Assembly.

X-47M2 "Dagger" is an aviation version of the Iskander missile, capable of striking both stationary ground targets and surface targets. Tests of the "Dagger" were completed at the end of last year, now he has already begun to enter the army.

Avangard is a strategic missile system, which includes a hypersonic planning unit. Its main task is to break through the enemy's missile defense. It is believed that the Avant-garde is capable of developing up to 20 Machs in dense layers of the atmosphere, and this makes it a very difficult goal for interception.

In the summer of this year, The National Interest called these Russian developments "unique and unparalleled."

Given the above, it is not surprising that the United States was preoccupied with the creation of systems to counter hypersonic weapons. And Glide Breaker can be called the first American response to them.

In the message The Drive notes that the Glide Breaker is a small aircraft that can hit hypersonic objects with the help of kinetic energy (the so-called kinetic interception), this implies a direct hit. This method does not involve the separation of the warhead: the defeat is made using the entire apparatus.

The publication notes that this development is primarily directed against the Russian rocket "Daggers" and "Avangards".

"The goal of the Glide Breaker program is to empower the United States to protect against supersonic weapons and all classes of hypersonic threats," the agency said in a statement.

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