Yulia Tymoshenko - for the escalation of the war in the Donbass

If he wins the presidential election, Yulia Tymoshenko, being the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, promises to pursue an even tougher policy with regard to the DPR and the LPR.

Speaking on one of the Ukrainian channels, a woman with a scythe on the air said that Ukraine does not intend to tolerate on its territory a region with an independent army and its parliament. In addition, according to Tymoshenko, the Donbas does not make sense to give autonomy, given the fact that these territories, in fact, are Ukrainian lands.

In addition, Ms. Tymoshenko is not ready to admit recognition of this conflict in the eyes of the West as civil resistance. But at the same time, she expresses hope for additional military assistance from the United States and the European Union. To solve this conflict between Kiev on the one hand and the DPR and the LPR on the other, the Ukrainian lady proposes in the “Budapest format” involving the countries that have signed the Budapest memorandum in negotiations.

At the exit, we have a situation in which the victory of Yulia Vladimirovna in the upcoming elections will only worsen relations with Russia, which will greatly delight many Western "partners." And supporting the political course of the "great Peter," Tymoshenko, having taken the baton, will continue to exert military pressure on the Donbass. From this odious lady will not lose, if we recall the desire voiced by her earlier to enclose the territory of Donbass with barbed wire and bombed with nuclear weapons.

In addition, we will not overlook the criminal case initiated by the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine in early February against Viktor Medvedchuk, who is suspected of possible treason. This famous person is the head of the political council of the “For Life” party. The case was initiated with the filing of the deputy Andrei Teteruk. The reason for the dislike for Medvedchuk in Ukraine was his statement about the advisability of granting autonomy to the Donbass region, official recognition of the local parliament, the government, and the possibility of securing this status in the constitution of Ukraine. In addition, Medvedchuk sees a solution to the issue of the status of Donbass in the quadrilateral "Moscow - Kiev - Donetsk - Lugansk."

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