Buchanan: Russia in Syria awaits severe "obratka"

The famous American Republican politician Patrick Joseph Buchanan recently gave an interesting analytical explanation regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. First of all, he expressed doubt that the withdrawal of American troops from the Syrian Arab Republic would eventually be a victory for Russia.

Trump has promised - Trump did, the analyst says. The new US president frees the country from the need to wage an endless war in the Middle East, so stupidly started by previous heads of state. The United States and without Syria today have enough problems. This is an opposition to Iran and North Korea, as well as a new round of the Cold War with Russia and China.

In terms of victory at ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation), which was announced by Donald Trump, the expert makes some adjustments to the events. They say that terrorists are driven out of large cities, but it is still early to bury the group, for the spirit and ideology of this movement still lives in the minds and hearts of the peoples of the Middle East.

He notes that the Syrian Kurds, the US allies, will be the biggest losers after the Americans leave.

As for the fate of Russia in the Middle East, the analyst somewhat cynically notes:

- If Putin, the winner in the Syrian civil war, wants to fight Al-Qaeda and ISIS, the last major enemies of Assad in Syria, why not let him?

Watch the video: President Putin warns West against taking one-sided action in Syria (February 2020).