Israeli drone Firefly has become drone-kamikaze

The newest Israeli aircraft can not only find and recognize targets, but also hit them. The portal has shared information that Rafael Advanced Defense Systems have begun to develop the latest patrol ammunition.

The Firefly device was first shown to the public at the Eurosatory 2016 military conference. And this year, the locking ammunition Spike Firefly was introduced.

Known characteristics

Like the previous version, the Spike Fifefly ammunition is equipped with a rotor capable of raising this unit to a height of about 50 meters. There is enough energy to keep the unmanned device in the air for 15 minutes. The operator will be able to assess the situation from a height and aim the drone-kamikaze at the enemy.

The company Rafael development Spike Firefly belongs to the class of missiles Spike, because the device uses a special warhead and guidance system. The length of the drone is 80 centimeters, the screw span is 60 centimeters in diameter. All components weigh quite small, so one person can easily carry Spike Firefly. In an open area, the drone is able to fly about 1.5 kilometers, and in a city it is about 0.5 km.

Its weight is 3 kilograms, and the deployment takes only a few seconds. The drone can withstand wind gusts reaching 20 km / h. It uses 2 electric motors.

The device allows the unit commander to see what awaits him beyond the hill or in the neighboring house. You do not have to risk your soldiers. The drone is controlled using a special tablet. A camera is installed on the drone that can work at night. Thanks to the use of the unique stabilization system, Spike Firefly is very stable in flight.

The device will be much cheaper than most anti-tank missiles, which cost tens of thousands of dollars. The versatility of this development makes it very attractive for military structures.

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