France wants to get into the club "Hypersound"

Impressed by the launches of the Russian Avangard, many developed countries rushed to develop their own hypersonic weapon. In Europe, France was one of the first in this direction. To the sounds of "Marseillaise", a project called V-Max has already been launched, the goal of which is to create a planning hypersonic war block capable of speeding up to six thousand kilometers per hour.

The French project for the development of hypersonic weapons will be aimed at creating strategic nuclear weapons, while ArianeGroup, a joint venture of Airbus and Safran, will be involved in its development. The basis for the new weapon will be a promising supersonic cruise missile of the air-to-air system ASN4G. The first test flight of the V-Max is expected to take place at the end of 2021.

However, the American edition of National Interest notes: despite the fact that France has serious technological developments and has a developed aerospace industry, five years is too short a time.

Recall that a number of countries are already developing such weapons, including Russia, the United States and China, and the Russian Avangard, which is called invulnerable to US missile defense, is considered the most advanced complex.

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