The most expensive islands in the world

10. Bird Cay Island, Bahamas

Cost - 28 million dollars. Fly from Nassau in just 30 minutes. A great place to soak up the sunshine on one of the many sandy beaches.

9. Serralvo Island, Mexico

Cost - 35 million dollars. The island is famous for its rich marine fauna. If you are a lover of fishing, this is the place where you can go into yourself, take a break from city life and fuss. Swordfish, Golden perch and sailfish are just some of the fish species you can find in the waters surrounding this island.

8. Big Darby Island, Bahamas

Cost - 39 million dollars. Bahamas is the perfect place for a summer holiday in the sun and the beach. Sandy beaches and crystal clear water on this island everywhere, you just do not want to leave it.

7. Hans Lollick Island, USA

Cost - 45 million dollars. If you love adrenaline, Hans Lollik Islands will give you a real opportunity to experience the full range of exciting sensations. The rich flora and fauna of this region makes it an ideal place for diving or snorkeling. Relax on the beach after a busy day in the fresh air and watch the sunset. You can even spend the day fishing or stroll through the woods.

6. Omphori Island, Greece

Greece is the country that is most suitable for recreation. This European country is known for its pristine landscapes and turquoise waters. However, there is a hidden gem called Omphori Island, which costs 60 million dollars and practically has no human housing.

5. Caye Chapel Island, Belize

Cost - 65 million dollars. What can I say, the island of Caye Chapel is perhaps the most expensive golf course. So if you like to play golf, you should definitely go here and play, but for this you will have to lay out at least 65 million.

4. Macapule Island, Mexico

Cost - 95 million dollars. If you crave luxury without losing contact with nature, then this is the place for you. Because of your underdeveloped nature, you can create an island of your dreams by building your own mansion and taking advantage of untouched land.

3. Isle of Ronda, Grenada

Cost - 100 million dollars. Spread over 800 hectares, this massive island is not just private, it also offers stunning landscapes and breathtaking nature, which not every private island offers.

2. Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Cost - 100 million dollars. Island resort, where you can hold a great closed party, far from the bustle of cities. Luxury and Necker Island go hand in hand, providing the most relaxed and exotic vacation.

1. Lanai Island, Hawaii

Cost - 610 million dollars. It is the most expensive island in Hawaii and in the whole world. The island is owned by the 8th richest man on the planet Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle.

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