Russian helicopters in the sky of South America

Russian industrialists transferred to the Colombian Ministry of Defense another upgraded military transport helicopter Mi-17V-5.

As part of an intergovernmental agreement for a decade, Russian experts plan to modernize several more transport workers. The first helicopter with registration number EJE-3397 Latin Americans received last fall.

Modernization works include the reconfiguration of the cabin, the replacement of a number of Russian-made systems with American counterparts. Updated flight navigation equipment, providing both pilots simultaneous access to the same information.

Also installed a warning system of a possible collision with the ground ST3400H HeliTaws. Integrated satellite navigation system Garmin GTN 750 and a multifunctional display Avidyne EX 600.

In the period from 2008 to 2009, nine MI-17B-5 military transport helicopters entered service with the Army of Colombia.

The military transport helicopter Mi-17B-5 is intended for the transportation of personnel, transportation of cargo and equipment inside the cargo compartment or on the external load, landing of tactical airborne assault forces, landing reconnaissance and sabotage groups of up to 35 people, destruction of ground targets and transportation of up to 12 wounded .

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