The US Air Force will receive 12 newest fighter F-15X

The United States Air Force plans to contract for the purchase of 12 of the newest F-15X fighter jets, which will replace the outdated F-15C / D in service of the Air National Guard.

The Pentagon plans to request $ 1.2 billion for 12 new F-15X fighters, which are the newest version of the F-15 fighter.

According to Bloomberg, the decision to purchase a new type of F-15 fighter is made by the top management of the Pentagon. This step is influenced by US Deputy Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan, who is in favor of purchasing these fighters.

The F-15X Fighter, or Strike Eagle, is the newest version of the world-famous F-15 Eagle fighter. It will be equipped with modern avionics and radars. It is capable of carrying 20 air-to-air missiles - and this is not the limit.

The price of the F-15X will be significantly lower than the cost of a fighter of the 5th generation F-35A at $ 95 million. An F-15X flight hour will cost about $ 27,000, while an F-35 flight hour cost is estimated at $ 45,000. Compared to the outdated F-15, which has a lifespan of 5,000 hours, the F-15X is capable of serving 20,000 hours.

Watch the video: . Air Force Plans to Buy Newest F-15X Fighter Jet (February 2020).