Modern KAMAZ all-terrain vehicle of domestic production

KAMAZ all-terrain vehicle is a 43118 model of the manufacturer, which has a wheel formula of 6x6. The truck is used to transport people and goods to remote areas on bad roads or off-road. The main advantage is considered to be a simple design, which allows for repair work in the field.

History of creation

The development of transport began in 1992 by the state order of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Offices needed a car capable of traveling off-road and performing tasks of different directions. The designers had the task to create a reliable car with a simple design that would withstand any climatic conditions and was easy to maintain.

The KamAZ-43118 was based on the military model 4310. The army modification was built in the 60s of the last century, and the civilian version - in 1981, while the 89th was a global improvement. From the popular car Kama Automobile Plant was taken the best.

Mass production started in 1995, it continues in our time. Auto is considered the most popular truck in Russia. In 2010, the car has been improved: some technical units, appearance and equipment have changed.


KamAZ 6x6 all-terrain vehicle had the following characteristics:

  • Weight - 20.7 tons;
  • Engine capacity - 10.85 liters;
  • Engine power - 260 horsepower;
  • The maximum speed is 90 km / h.

The cabin got a standard look for that time. The cabin had a minimum number of control systems. Unlike its base, KamAZ-43118 received a new power plant, a hydraulic lift of the cab and a unique chassis structure.

The dense location of the platform and cabin allowed to increase the first. Its length was 6.1 meters, which is 1.3 meters more than the previous generation. The total length of transport was increased by 96.5 centimeters. Zapaska moved under the frame.

With the modernization of the machine in 2010 were not improved basic specifications. The changes affected the design, comfort and availability of additional control systems for the driver.

Powertrain and gearbox

The choice of the buyer two options for the power plant - 300-strong or upgraded to 260 horsepower. Both engines comply with Euro-3 standard. They are powered by diesel fuel. Increases turbo power. An intermediate cooling system for incoming air has been installed.

Diesel consumption is 33 or 38 liters per 100 kilometers (depending on engine power). Similarly, the maximum speed - 90 and 102 km / h. A 300-strong truck with a full load of 60 km / h gains in 36 seconds, which is considered an excellent result for a car of this class.

There are also two types of gearboxes: the classic Kama at 10 speeds or the nine-speed ZF 9S 131 OTO. Both boxes are mechanical.


All-wheel drive car with 6x6 wheel formula. The suspension is made according to the spring type. It is possible to disable the differential. For KamAZ-43118 special tires were developed. Their design provides high throughput of the machine and the ability to transport loads of large mass. Permissible load on one wheel - 4 000 kg. The car is equipped with an automatic tire pressure monitoring system that allows you to continue driving even after a single wheel has been punctured.


After the changes in 2010, the overall picture of the cabin has not changed. The basic concept of the Kama factory was preserved. The design of the grille was changed. The bumper has also been changed: it has become cast, the appearance has changed and is now painted in the same color as the cab. For minor additions include the presence of new side skirts and modified rear-view mirrors.

Optics has become more modern. The side lights, main light and turn signals are now a single unit. It is built into the bumper. The windshield has become solid, thanks to which the view has been improved.

Salon special changes are not tolerated. Its arrangement is aimed at simplicity and practicality, significantly different from other modern models of Kama production. Simplicity in the cabin allows you to use the machine in harsh environments.

The updated version received a new dashboard, which is covered with anti-reflective material. The overall quality of the materials used in the interior arrangement has been improved. A nice addition was the appearance of the bed. The heating mechanism has been improved, ventilation has become better. The quality of sound and thermal insulation has increased.

KamAZ-43118 species

On the basis of the chassis of this model has been developed many varieties, the main of which include:

  • 3455 - bonnet machine, released in 2003;
  • KS-55713-5K - truck crane produced in 2005, lifting loads up to 25 tons;
  • KS-35719-7-02 - truck crane of 2006 of release, lifting freights to 16 tons;
  • 44108 - seat tractor of 2009 of release;
  • 45141 - dump truck for work in quarries, produced since 2009;
  • ЕТ-4322 - excavator-planner, which went on sale in 2010;
  • KM-100 - a classic car that is equipped with a manipulator;
  • MPU - mobile point used to manage in critical situations;
  • GrAZ ATs-56141-45 - used for the transportation of petroleum products;
  • AC-10 - tank;
  • PP-91 - pontoon.

There are other modifications that were created for special orders and not widely used in the market.

Advantages of the all-terrain truck

The strength of the car - a simple design that reduces maintenance costs and allows for rapid repair work with the help of available tools. By itself, the build quality is high, so often you will not have to repair the car. Despite the strength and reliability, the price of the car is acceptable for the Russian market.

The manufacturer tried to achieve the best indicator of price and quality in order to expand the geography of consumers. The product is bought in different cities and countries, and the wide distribution of service centers simplifies maintenance. KamAZ-43118 is in great demand due to its characteristics and ability to work in any climatic conditions.

Adaptability is considered another advantage of the chassis. The consumer can choose any add-on from a large set to achieve their goals. For many years, auto is an indispensable assistant not only in the army, but also on civilian projects.

Test Drive

Before buying any transport, you need to familiarize yourself with the results of its practical tests.

Test unloaded truck

In urban traffic, the result is shown to be acceptable: good handling and maneuverability. At an average speed of 38 km / h, fuel consumption was 32.5 liters.

The length of one lap of the route is 18 kilometers. In the course of the test, it was concluded that the gear drive is unreliable. On each circle, 3-5 errors were made when switching speeds. It was concluded that with activated high speed, it is better to switch as follows: 2-4-6-7.

The second stage of the test was the dynamometer circuit. Contrary to the factory instructions, the maximum speed was 125 km / h. This result is considered excellent for a machine of this type. At a speed of 50 km / h, diesel consumption was 18.4 liters, and at 80 km / h - 27.8.

The final stage of testing - ground cover. When traveling over bumps, numerous descents and ascents of comfort, it will not work. But all-terrain KamAZ showed good handling results. There are no serious complaints on the ground, the main disadvantage is a strong feeling of bumps in the process of movement.

Test loaded machine

At full load, the weight increases to 21 tons. When driving around the city, acceptable indicators of controllability and maneuverability remain. Eight main and one downshift transmission, together with the power unit show a stable and high-quality work.

Fuel consumption increased. The best result was shown when changing gears "1-3-5-6-7". Fuel efficiency has dropped, because of this, the resistance of tires during movement has increased. The average speed fell by 1.3 km / h.

The maximum speed on the dynamometer segment was 102.8 km / h. Fuel consumption increased. On the ground, the car showed itself well, but sometimes it seemed that under the load the engine did not have enough power.

What can be concluded?

The KamAZ all-terrain vehicle tractor model 43118 is a durable and reliable truck with which the owner can perform various tasks. It has an acceptable price for the Russian market, is not expensive to maintain, and rarely breaks. When ordering transport from the factory, you can choose to install any add-on.

The price of a new standard chassis fluctuates around 1.8-2 million rubles. When choosing factory add-ins, the price tag will grow to 3-4 million rubles. There are many offers on the secondary market. For the car of 2007-2008, the release will have to pay 1.1-1.2 million rubles. The price of earlier copies depends on the technical and external conditions. Many owners offer rent: 1200-1500 rubles per hour.