Weapon Exam: How to Get a License

Any citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to acquire and carry civil or hunting weapons. You should know that you will need a license to purchase it. The procedure for obtaining such a license is carefully controlled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Weapons will be available only after passing the exam. Only persons who have been trained and have mastered the basics of handling weapons are allowed to attend.

How to get a weapon license

Since the number of crimes involving the use of civilian weapons has increased in recent years, the internal affairs agencies have insisted on tightening the rules for issuing weapons licenses.

The list of weapons available for civilians is quite wide:

  1. Weapons for self-defense;
  2. Weapon for sport shooting;
  3. Signal weapons (the so-called "starting" or noise pistols);
  4. Hunting guns and cold weapons;
  5. Blade weapon.

Licenses for civilian weapons are not issued to all applicants. The main conditions are the minimum age of 18 years and the absence of medical contraindications - mental disorders, drug addiction, substance abuse and serious visual impairment.

After toughening the law on weapons, new clauses were added to these requirements:

  1. The presence of outstanding conviction for an intentional crime will not allow you to obtain a license, as well as serving a sentence;
  2. An administrative violation committed for hooliganism (if a year has not passed after it);
  3. If you do not have a permanent residence, you will not be given a license either;
  4. If you have been convicted of distributing drugs or similar substances, then you can forget about a weapon license.

Passing a weapon exam: what you need to know

In order to pass a weapon exam, you need to know the following things:

  1. Before passing the exam, be sure to read the law "On Weapons". Particular attention should be paid to articles 17, 22 and 24;
  2. It would be useful to learn the five articles of the criminal code, namely articles 37, 38, 39, 222 and 224;
  3. In the administrative code, special attention should be paid to articles 20.8, 20.11, 20.12, 20.13.

Although the owner of a civilian hunting weapon is not obliged to provide first aid, still study the order of its provision, because such questions may be asked at the exam.

It will not be superfluous to practice on sites where you can pass the virtual exam for weapons. In addition, on such sites (and there are a lot of them in the network) there are detailed answers to exam tickets. Although the type of test and exam on the website and in the institution where you will take it may be different, it will still be easier for you to pass the official exam.

Before the exam, you will need to take special training courses where you will be told and shown everything, although independent work will also help to consolidate the material and make you feel more confident when you take the exam.

How is the training and passing the exam on the example of one of the training centers

The term of study together with the exam is three working days. Before you start training, you need to hand over documents, pay for training and write a statement.

The first day of training is completely devoted to the theory. All tickets are told, laws and regulations are studied. In addition, various situations of the use of weapons in real life are considered. You will have to write a lot, so those who hope for a formal surrender will be disappointed (retake is paid). Immediately issued three brochures:

  1. On the legal preparation of the future owner of the weapon (50 questions);
  2. Fire training (30 questions);
  3. And on first aid (30 questions).

As a rule, given the address of the site where you can practice in passing the exam.

On the second day you have to get acquainted with the weapon in practice. The most commonly used are TOZ-38 rifles and IL traumatic pistols. In the first half of the lesson, acquaintance with the device of the weapon and consolidation of practical skills takes place: charging-discharging, how to properly hold arms, counters and basic movements.

The second half of the day is devoted to shooting. At first, cartridges are used, and after students begin to confidently hold a weapon in their hands - shooting live ammunition. In the case of a rifle, the practice is quite simple, you must first make a test shot, then two shots in 25 seconds.

With a gun is much more difficult: you need to take him out of his holster in five seconds and make two shots at the target. A mandatory requirement in this exercise is the need to get at least in the target markup.

Practical shooting exercises account for all errors. For example, the correct statement of the hands, stand, turns the trunk. In case of failure, you have to pay extra and hand over again after two weeks.

The third day is completely devoted to the exam. First, the theory is given on a computer (ten tickets). After successful completion of the theoretical part, proceed to practice. It consists of two stages: blanks and firing live ammunition. It is worth noting that the percentage of change for beginners is usually very small. It is not easy to teach a person, never before holding a pistol in his hands, the skills of shooting for three days (and in fact for one). For people familiar with the weapon in the army, shooting a pistol will not cause difficulties, others are recommended to practice in advance on pneumatic models. You only need to choose copies of combat models, with a mobile shutter and recoil imitation.

The procedure for filing a package of documents for obtaining a permit for hunting weapons

Obtaining a license to use smooth-bore weapons begins with an appeal to special licensing departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is advisable to call there in advance and clarify whether it is possible for them to issue a permit for carrying weapons. You can also find a list of documents necessary to obtain a license for hunting weapons.

If you have already decided what kind of hunting weapon you want to buy, then do not be lazy to choose a gun safe. If you have not yet decided what kind of hunting rifle you will have, buy a safe of larger dimensions, any hunting weapon will fit there. In addition, you may want to purchase several more guns for hunting in the future, and one large safe can easily accommodate them.

If you don’t worry about buying a gun safe in advance, the precinct police officer may not issue a certificate stating that you can store weapons at home, as the conditions for their storage are inappropriate. And your explanations that for now there are no weapons will not help. It is better to buy and install a safe immediately. It is better to buy it not in the hunting stores, but directly from the manufacturer, this will help save up to 50 percent of the purchase amount.

Next, you should find out the details of the bank to pay the state duty on weapons and provide the inspector with a package of documents, which includes:

  1. Application (in the form of a card) for obtaining a weapon license;
  2. Copies of several pages of the passport (includes page turns of 2 and 3 plus a copy of the page indicating the place of residence) and the original passport for verification;
  3. Three photos 3x4;
  4. Medical certificate, which must indicate whether you have any contraindications to the possession of weapons;
  5. Receipt of payment of duty;
  6. A photocopy of the hunting ticket.

After one month, your license will be ready. With it, you can go to a hunting shop and buy weapons. Purchased weapons are presented in the bodies that issued the license, and the license itself is surrendered. After the expiration of 10 days, you need to reappear in the authorities, where you will be given a special card that allows storage and carrying of weapons. If after buying a weapon within 14 days you do not surrender a license and do not receive a card for storage, then it will be possible to get under the administrative article.

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