Armata vs Merkava (Russia vs Israel)

The National Interest American portal conducted an interesting comparative analysis of two new generation tanks: the Russian Armata and the Israeli Merkava.

The experts did not scrupulously bother over the various criteria by which you can evaluate the field-combat capabilities of both vehicles. They simply imagined what would happen if these two tanks collide in battle. According to experts, such a turn of events is quite likely if Russia sends the T-14 Armat to Syria.

So, "Armata" is definitely and more viable in battle. She has excellent protection and maneuverability. And its Israeli competitor is definitely more massive. On the other hand, the Merkava has more modern equipment for tracking the battlefield. And the Israeli crew on the basis of the data obtained can make more operational decisions.

In addition, the "Armata" uninhabited tower, besides an active protection system, dynamic and passive multi-layered armor provide serious safety for the crew. The “Merkava” protection is not so reliable. However, she has every chance of winning in a clash with the German Leopard 2 or the American M1 Abrams.

In the future, the authors criticize two major advantages of tanks. Observation systems in the Israeli tank, of course, are very progressive, but they are just as vulnerable to enemy guns as the usual optical equipment.

But the uninhabited tower "Almaty" is also a problem. Indeed, in this case, the tank commander is limited in his ability to observe the environment. Virtual review systems could solve this problem. However, today they are not installed on the Russian T-14.

Recall, the T-14 “Armata” is the only tank of the third post-war generation in the world. He is armed with a smooth-bore cannon 2A82 caliber 125 mm. If desired, it can be equipped with a more powerful 152 mm 2A83 cannon.

The crew of three people is located in the armored capsule, which provides them with security both in the case of a direct hit, and in the event of a fire ammunition.

The armament of the "Merkava" will be more serious. It is equipped with a 120 mm MG253 smoothbore gun, as well as a machine gun and a mortar. With all this, a crew of 4 is driven.

Watch the video: Tank [email protected] Russia's Deadly Armata Tank vs. Israel's Merkava Who Wins (October 2019).


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