"SP-2010" - soft landing in any weather

This complex is called SP-2010. It was created in order to ensure the soft landing of aircraft on the airfield around the clock in low visibility conditions. It will be used both at civilian airfields and at co-based airfields.

Above the new planting complex, engineers are working at Ruselectronics, a part of Rostec state corporation.

According to the developers, the introduction of these technologies will significantly reduce the cost of operating the aircraft fleet, as well as improve flight safety.

Resonator antennas, which are used in the joint venture-2010, neither rain nor snow are terrible with their subsequent icing. Precipitation will in no way affect the characteristics of the radiating signal of these antennas due to the use of unique materials and advanced electronic components.

This is a very important plus, as it is not necessary to shovel snow in front of the beacon antennas in winter, which in turn reduces the cost of operating the complex.

The developers are confident that in the near future this complex will be primarily interested in the civil airports of Russia, and after them the military, as well as Roskosmos, will catch up.

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