Direction - Russian border

Everything that happens indicates that the United States decided to regain the post of "world hegemon." In fact: Washington decided to withdraw from some international treaties on security, tightly engaged in the improvement of military capabilities. In addition, he began to form a fist out of his NATO partners, directed against our state.

The Pentagon is carefully studying the possibility of holding "small" wars against the Russian Federation. There is a high probability that the countries of Eastern Europe or the Baltic States may become an arena for them.

The problem lies not only in the fact that the United States is leaving the treaty on the limitation of medium and short-range missiles (SMR) and this will untie their hands in deploying missile weapons in Europe. The states that are members of NATO have not ratified the agreement on the adaptation of the Treaty on Conventional Arms in Europe. That is, today they have no restrictions on the formation of shock troops in the immediate vicinity of the borders of the Russian Federation. And they began to use it.

During 2017, armored units were deployed in the Baltic States. But it is necessary to consider that they are placed on the basis of rotation. At one time, Poland was ready to pay for the placement on its land of a fully equipped division of the US Armed Forces. It consists of about a thousand armored vehicles and at least a hundred military helicopters. This idea was not approved by then-Secretary of Defense John Mattis. But he resigned, and with the arrival of a new person in his place, the situation may radically change.

Poland in the wings

But apart from hopes for American friends, Poland is exploring the possibility of forming a new division, which will include three hundred tanks. Moreover, it is assumed that it will be stationed near the Kaliningrad region. In addition, in 2022 it is planned to create a motorized infantry compound, which will include tanks such as "Leopard", self-propelled guns and air defense systems. The place of its dislocation is located just 40 km from Brest (Belarus). By the way, the NATO military airfield is not far located, the aircraft based on it is always ready to provide air support.

If all of the above is brought to life, then more than 2,000 tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as air defense systems, etc., will be concentrated in Poland. The direction of this armadas is obvious - Kaliningrad and Belarus. There is a small comparison: in Belarus there are 300 obsolete tanks, in the territory of the Kaliningrad region there are no more than 130 combat vehicles.

But that is not all. Nowadays, the railway Rail Baltic is being actively built, its task is to connect the Baltic States and Poland with Western states. 6 billion euros have already been invested in this construction to re-gauge European standards. Initially it was said that the road has a strictly civilian meaning. But the Russian ambassador claims the opposite. He says that this road is first and foremost a military-structural object.

The purpose of this road is the transfer of heavy military equipment from the main NATO bases to Eastern Europe.

It is planned that the construction of the road will be completed by 2026, and therefore, it is possible to wait for this year certain troubles from the US and NATO.

Watch the video: US spy planes intercepted near Russian border (January 2020).