The Pentagon plans to buy immediately 141 F-35 fighter

The US military is preparing a large-scale order of the latest fifth-generation fighter F-35 Lightning II. Over a hundred of similar combat vehicles will be taken into service at once.

The hour of the penguin

In Russia, the F-35 is a favorite ridicule. Everything is subject to criticism: the high cost of the aircraft, the complexity of its design, the constant failures pursuing the project. Domestic sofa patriots even came up with an insulting nickname for him - “penguin”.

Nevertheless, in spite of numerous failures and constant improvements, the F-35 is becoming more confident "on the wing." Currently, the US Army has 200 fighter jets of three major modifications, supplies to the allies are becoming more active, the Israelis have already managed to use the F-35 to attack Assad's army and Iranian groups in Syria.

And now there is information about the plans of the Pentagon to purchase another 141 F-35. If it is confirmed, it will be the largest single order of the aircraft. Moreover, such a deal would reduce the cost of one car, perhaps even bring it closer to $ 80 million, which President Trump had once sought.

In this connection, I would like to recall the long-suffering domestic project PAK FA (Su-57), which has been developed since 2001. Judging by recent statements by Russian officials, it was decided to abandon the large-scale production of this machine.

Watch the video: Revealed: The Pentagon's Emergency Plan If the F-35 Lightning II Doesn't Work (October 2019).


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