Another Russian plane cannot see the sky: the IL-112 project is being prepared to close

The controversy surrounding the possible closure of the project of the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 did not have time to disappear, when the media reported about serious threats looming over another promising aircraft, the Il-112 light transport.

In the WarGonzo Telegram channel, which refers to a source in the Russian General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry, it was reported that the IL-112 project could be closed soon.

Recall that the Il-112 is a promising light transport aircraft, which should replace the time-tested, but long-obsolete An-24 and An-26. He will be able to take on board five tons of cargo or 44 paratroopers. The development of this project began in the mid-90s, it was planned that the Russian VKS will receive a new car in 2019. You can also add that our army is in great need in an aircraft of this class.

What is wrong with the IL-112

The message WarGonzo says that problems with the aircraft arose due to numerous errors, made even at the design stage of the machine. Moreover, their correction will require a significant amount of time and money. Considering this fact, as well as the general tendency to reduce the expenditures on the needs of the military department, the completion of the aircraft may be considered inexpedient.

Problems with the implementation of the project, allegedly, found Alexey Rogozin, who headed PJSC "Il" in May last year. However, at the same time, Rogozin himself in August last year promised to deliver about 300 Il-112 in the next few years. True, on June 22 of this year, he had already postponed the start of serial production of the aircraft to 2020.

The interlocutors of WarGonzo report that such a situation is fraught with serious personnel decisions and may cost Rogozin's position. Instead, Ilyushin is supposedly preparing to head Yuri Grudinin, who is now working as the general director of the TANTK.

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