Get exoskeleton - according to the order

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided on who would be the first in the Russian army to receive the new EO-1 exoskeletons. First of all, they will become part of the armament of calculations of portable anti-tank missile systems and machine-gunners with backpack-based systems for uninterrupted supply of ammunition.

As noted in the Russian Ministry of Defense, exoskeletons will be adapted to the protective suits of the OVR-3SH, weighing 25-30 kilograms, they are used directly by the fighters of the assault groups and division units

The exoskeleton is designed for unloading the musculoskeletal system when carrying loads of up to 50 kilograms during long marches or during an attack.

Note that the exoskeleton evenly distributes the forces from the load and provides protection for the joints and the spine. Unlike Western developments, the Russian exoskeleton does not have sensors, control systems and servo drives. OE-1 is freely adjusted to the height and weight of a specific serviceman. You can put on the design within a minute, and remove it even faster - in 20 seconds. But this speed is not achieved immediately. These standards are preceded by a two-week enhanced workout.

However, the exoskeleton has some limitations. In particular, it is impossible to parachute into it and make sharp movements.

Recall that the first prototype of the passive exoskeleton EO-1 appeared in 2015. One of the first to test it in Syria was Russian sappers during the clearance of Palmyra. In particular, the operators of the Uran-6 robotic demining complex were dressed in the exoskeleton, since the control and communications console weighs about 20 kilograms.

State tests in exoskeletons are scheduled for completion by 2020.

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