At the Chinese factory robots will be engaged in the production of other robots

Today, manufacturers of robotic technology can be found in many countries. China has been the leader in this field for many years. A variety of local enterprises produce robots not only for domestic consumption, but also for export. Most recently, the Reuters publication reported that a unique factory will soon appear in the People's Republic of China, where robots will work with people.

ABB, a Swiss company specializing in the production of various electrical equipment, including industrial robotic equipment, took up the construction of a new industrial complex. Geographically, the new plant will be located near the campus of robotics of this company in Shanghai, because China has long been the most important direction for the ABB market after the United States of America. The construction budget is about 150 million dollars.

The enterprise will occupy an area of ​​7,000 square meters. Special software is being developed that will allow robots to work with people. The smallest details will be assembled by the YuMi robots, one copy of which was able to conduct with a huge symphony orchestra.

The robots will be sold both in the domestic market of China and imported into the countries of Asia. According to ABB, every third robot produced by them went to China. The country has already acquired about 140,000 units of various robotic mechanisms. And this is due to the fact that with each passing year the labor force becomes more and more expensive, and in order to save, large companies are trying to automate the production stages to the maximum.

Robots in modern life.

Already, some robots are actively used to solve tasks that previously could only be performed by humans. For example, in May of this year in the city of Mountain View, located in the state of California, courier robots appeared. They are already actively engaged in the delivery of cargo for different purposes. At the moment, the services of such robots actively began to use large restaurants for food delivery.

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