Airborne reorganized into a new type of troops

Russian airborne troops will soon be replenished with new units from adjacent service arms. In particular, the airborne aircraft will be part of the Airborne Forces, in addition, paratroopers will be given air defense and missile defense units.

As stressed in the command of the Airborne Forces of Russia, the military threat to our country is becoming more and more complex and complex. Increasingly, there are attempts to intervene in politics, economics, military and information spheres, determining the further development of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, the Russian armed forces pay attention to the improvement of the mobile component.

In turn, so that the military units of the airborne troops could conduct an integrated fight against the enemy, they included the units of army aviation, as well as air defense and missile defense.

As noted earlier, the Airborne Forces are working on the formation of troops that have hitherto unseen methods of warfare. As part of the Vostok-2018 exercise, an experiment was conducted on the use of this type of modernized troops; it was successful.

Watch the video: 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions (January 2020).