Compact traumatic pistol PSM-R

Other legal criteria are applied to any traumatic pistol, rather than to a combat one. The first thing that manufacturers pay attention to when designing a new traumatic equipment is the barrel. Self-defense weapons do not need high accuracy when firing at a distance of 40-50 meters, so engineers reduce trunks to reduce the gun as a whole and reduce its weight.

However, many companies engaged in the production of traumatic weapons, do not try to make it more compact. On the one hand, the long barrel provides a large acceleration of bullets, which makes the shots more effective, but is it worth it? After all, if the trauma is taken for regular wear, you will have to experience discomfort for a long time because of the kilogram instrument, which is constantly hanging from the side.

Of course, there is a compact travmatika. One good example is the PSM-R pistol, which comes with a compact gun and is developed on the basis of a combat PSM.

general information

Comparing with the main competitors, we can safely say that this small-sized weapon wins in many respects. The first thing that every customer pays attention to is a small thickness.

First of all, it allows you to comfortably carry this tool either in a regular holster or even in a pocket of summer pants. For weapons for self-defense is a definite plus. A person will not have to get used to carry it with him for a long time, which cannot be said about large traumatic pistols.

But there is a downside. The small thickness does not allow you to comfortably hold the PSM traumatic pistol in your hands. The length of the handle is still enough to comfortably grab it, but here the thickness creates a certain discomfort, which will have to get used to.

It also affects recoil when shooting. It is palpable due to the low weight of the gun. To get used to it and to conduct accurate shooting, you will need to spend a few training shooting ranges.

In general, the PSM-R is completely similar to its combat counterpart, has good technical characteristics. External differences are only in the side of the inscriptions, which is inherent in any adaptation with military weapons, and in the lining on the handle.

In addition to external similarity, there is also a large internal similarity. All weapons lovers know that combat PSM was made using weak charges, the power of which is even lower than some non-certified traumatic ammunition. That is why in the PSM-R pistol a lot, except for the barrel, is completely similar to the combat equivalent, and the same materials are used in the production.

Features of combat analog

Combat cartridge 5.45x18, used when firing from a traumatic gun analog, had extremely low muzzle energy, which in different versions of the pistol was 125 and 140 J. Initially, this weapon was designed for medium load.

Of course, it is possible to make the instrument work at the maximum of its capabilities, but the use of charges not specified in the instrument documentation is punishable by law on the territory of Ukraine. And in general, why break a good gun, if its energy is enough for effective shooting?

Engineers involved in the design of this gun, tried to do everything to save the "enthusiasts" from the possibility of remaking travmatiki back into a military weapon. But there are cases when law enforcement agencies seized instances of traumatic PSM, who worked on the combat system. Each person should understand that after such alteration it is possible to acquire serious problems with the law.

Honestly, if you use non-certified warheads, the PSM-R pistol will fire even better than its military counterpart, but you need to remember that the law prohibits such steps.

PSM-R design

The PSM-R pistol, like its combat counterpart, is built on the basis of a common free-bolt weapon scheme. Many compact traumatic pistols lose their fuse, however, this tool was an exception in this regard. The developers managed to place the fuse box so well that it does not prevent the wearer from freely removing the weapon from the pocket or from the holster, and it is also convenient to activate the fuse with a natural thumb movement.

The trigger mechanism is made on the principle of double action, has a trigger type. A single fire can be fired with or without pre-cocking. The trigger itself is located on the back of the frame, and under it are placed a mainspring, sear and a pull rod. After buying the trigger, you do not need to bring the factory, it is carried out qualitatively at the factory.

The barrel of a small-sized gun is mounted in the middle of the frame. The barrel bore is locked by the force of inertia of the bolt and the force of the return spring. Experts recommend after the purchase to carry out additional grinding of the barrel to increase the working resource stock.

Some buyers change the handle pads. As a rule, make a choice in favor of the "cheeks" from the combat PSM. It is difficult to say whether this makes using a gun better, because this is a matter of taste, but outwardly the gun becomes completely identical to the original PSM.

The technical characteristics of this instrument are as follows:

  • Used for firing ammunition caliber 9 mm PA;
  • The length of the gun barrel is 85 millimeters;
  • The total length of the gun is 155 millimeters;
  • The height of the gun is 120 millimeters;
  • The width of the gun is 20 millimeters;
  • The weight of the discharged gun is 440 grams;
  • The weight of the loaded gun is 500 grams;
  • The maximum shooting efficiency is achieved at a distance of 5-7 meters;
  • Shop holds up to 6 rounds.

In general, this instrument has excellent performance characteristics, which distinguish it from competitors in the category of compact traumatic weapons.

Examining this gun outwardly, many immediately realize that it is devoid of the slide latch lever, however, this is not entirely true. How it is implemented, you need to know in advance, otherwise the bolt delay here can be mistaken for a factory marriage.

Even in the absence of a lever, the gun can be set and removed at the bolt delay. To remove from it, you need to remove the store, pull back the bolt and then start it forward. In general, each weapon lover has a different attitude to this variant of the implementation of this system. Many people can not understand why it is this way to implement a slide lag if one has to do as many actions as it does without it. Many simply came to the conclusion that the developers decided to make a unique feature in their instrument, so that it stood out against the background of others.

Practical use of PSM-R

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the use of authorized cartridges is quite acceptable in practice, all mechanisms work perfectly, the weapon does not stick and does not break. If someone wants to use powerful cartridges, they will have to do a lot of work, in contrast to the simple replacement of the return spring, as is customary in many types of traumatics. We'll have to change the diameter of the trunk and do a number of other illegal manipulations.

The effectiveness of shooting authorized cartridges - a controversial issue. Every potential buyer should know that it is very difficult to completely neutralize an attacker using PSM-R, but the risk of having legal problems after self-defense is minimal.

Muzzle energy is only 50 Joules. It is enough to cause significant harm in the warm season, but in the winter it is unlikely to break through several layers of clothing. This is what forces many owners to break the law and use non-certified charges.

What can be concluded?

PSM-R is a reliable tool of average power. It is best suited to those people who are in search of a second weapon for self-defense. 50 joules is enough when all the main ammunition cartridges are spent.

Having bought this weapon, it is not necessary to do any finishing, except for a small grinding of the barrel, but this is optional. The gun is fully ready for use, it can only be charged and can be carried with you. It has excellent technical characteristics, high stock of working resource.

Having bought this small-sized weapon, we strongly advise you not to use powerful cartridges, to change the design of the gun, because of this you may have problems with the law, especially if you have to use this weapon in practice in a critical situation.

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