"Kalashnikov" created a drone to monitor the Arctic

The ZALA Arctic unmanned aerial vehicle can be successfully used both in civilian industrial sectors and for military purposes in conditions of significantly lower temperatures. Its main tasks are research activities, protection and tracking of the Arctic territories, ensuring the safety of maritime navigation. The new drone has two modifications: 421-08M and ZALA 421-16E.

As for purely civilian tasks, the new drone is able to assist in setting up work on oil and gas production in permafrost conditions. In particular, it will help to make more accurate weather forecasts and the situation with the drift of glaciers.

The AIS system, installed on new UAVs, increases their tracking capabilities and makes it possible to detect a vessel at a distance of 100 km. It is a multiple of the range of ground-based vehicles. At the same time, the AIS system allows identifying the vessel by a number of indicators - for example, name, size, heading, speed.

The ZALA Arctic unmanned system is equipped with its own GIRSAM navigation system. This is provided specifically in case it faces a global GPS or GLONASS navigation system failure.

It is noteworthy that the duration of the flight of a new drone is 250 minutes.

A special all-season module based on a sea container has been developed for drone operators.

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