NATO members blew up toxic torpedoes near Russia

NATO military blasted torpedoes from the sunken Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad in the North Sea. The explosions occurred in close proximity to the territorial waters of Russia. Experts believe that the explosions became a cover for another NATO operation.

It is noteworthy that the NATO military recognized the fact that the exploded ammunition was toxic.

Recall that the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad was created in accordance with the latest requirements of the time. But, despite all its novelty, power and maneuverability, in November last year the frigate trivially sank when faced with a Greek tanker. The ship got a hole below the waterline, the crew was evacuated. All weapons together with the ship went to the bottom. And in January of this year, the torpedoes were blown up in an ingenious way right in the sunken ship.

On this occasion, Russian military experts believe: it is entirely possible that NATO simply distracts attention in this way, while unauthorized exercises were taking place in the North Sea. And there are plenty of reasons for suspicion. For in such cases, usually torpedoes are removed from the ship and taken to the landfill, where they are tested for suitability for further operation. However, in this case, the torpedoes without any preliminary tests and analysis just took and blew up. But each torpedo is a very expensive thing. And if they were recognized as unsuitable, then how did the Norwegian frigate cut through the ocean in the presence of defective ammunition on board?

In general, the domestic military are confident that in fact, near the Russian water border, unauthorized maneuvers and tests of unseen weapons have taken place on the North Sea.

As for toxicity, which was reported by the Western media, this issue has yet to be studied by environmentalists.

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