Kubotan - a compact means of protection

Kubotan is a specific keychain designed for self-defense. They are usually worn on the keys, and the dimensions of the kubotan do not exceed 14 centimeters. Despite its harmless appearance, it is a rather powerful weapon of self-defense, with the help of which you can fight with a superior enemy.

The appearance of Kubot

This self-defense weapon appeared relatively recently, in 1976. Developed it Kubota Takayuki, who gave him his name. People familiar with martial arts can easily recognize in the Kubotan a modern version of the ancient Jawary. The Japanese master took it as a basis for making a kubotan, which serves simultaneously as a key ring for keys.

Classic Kubotan is a rod of solid plastic, weighing about 60 grams. On its surface are six transverse strips, which are designed to better hold the kubotan in his hand. In its end part there is a hole in which a ring is inserted for fastening the weighting agent. Since the ring is usually used for keys, the kubotan is considered a key ring.

Pros and cons of using Kubot in battle

Kubotan is not a weapon, and he looks peaceful, so he does not cause any fear among the attacker who attacked you. This is the main advantage when using kubotana. Despite his modest size, he is able to inflict quite painful injuries on a person attacking you.

You should not think that having a kubotan in your hands, you will easily defeat your opponent. Any weapon requires, above all, the ability to possess it. Kubotan in the traditional technique of ownership is used to influence the pain points of a person. It is not necessary to explain that to begin with it is worth learning these points, and then learning how to hit them in battle, which is very difficult. In this lies the paradox of the Kubotan combat technique - having learned to get into a battle by pain points, you will no longer need a Kubotan.

Many believing that the Kubotan is not effective in itself in battle, they modernize it by hanging a weighty weights on the key ring. The technique of work in such a subject will have nothing to do with the work of the classic kubotan. Moreover, such a construction will be equated to a brush, and any representative of the law can confiscate it, and you will be accountable to the law for the manufacture of cold arms crushing action.

What is the advantage of Kubotan in battle?

For an ordinary, moderately trained person, using a kubotan will first of all help protect the arm from damage when struck. Kubotan blows will take on the response of the body you are beating, and a pinpoint strike will cause much more damage than a blow to the whole fist. If it is easier to explain, imagine that you strike a blow not with a fist but with a finger. And your finger is iron and stiff.

Different types of kubotan

The Japanese master, creating kubotan, did not take a patent for his invention. After Kubotan became popular, many companies began to produce items similar to him for self-defense.

Many people didn’t like the idea of ​​a plastic kubot, and metal products with a pointed end filled the market. There is even a specific knife kubotan, the blade of which is hidden in a hollow tube and gets when unscrewing. The Kubotan knife is an interesting development, but there is little point in it, since it will take too much time to bring it into the fighting position with a blade to the outside. Moreover, such a Kubotan knife contradicts the very concept of this weapon, self-defense without causing serious injuries, because if you succeed in bringing the Kubotan knife to its fighting position, then serious, possibly fatal injuries will be inflicted on the opponent.

Beats and techniques using kubot

The whole technique of owning this item can be divided into four sections:

  1. Beats the ends, top or bottom. The most simple technique that is easiest to learn. Kubotan can be kept knife straight or reverse grip. Instinctively, a person tries to strike precisely with an object clamped in his fist. In addition, this technique is easy to shift then to a knife fight;
  2. Strikes weighting, in the role of which the keys usually act. Not very effective technique, as the keys are quite light and fly apart in different directions when struck. For efficiency, you need to wear a special case on the keys with a tightening rope, then the force of the blow will increase several times;
  3. Pain techniques, which include the impact on the points and twisting fingers. They require quite serious preparation. Again, with this level of training, a kubotan will not be needed;
  4. Special techniques, using combinations of kubotan with keys held between fingers. Rather traumatic methods for the owner of the kubotan, you can easily twist your fingers.

Making kubot own hands

Kubotan is easy to make from wood or plastic. The easiest option is to cut it out of wood, the most difficult is to turn it out of a metal lathe.

For the manufacture of wooden kubot need:

  1. Find on the Internet a suitable drawing for you;
  2. Buy a wooden hammer handle at any hardware store;
  3. Saw from her piece, suitable for the length;
  4. Cut from the blank kubotan the parameters we need.

If there is a desire, the newly made kubot can be decorated with decorative carvings, covered with stain and impregnated with drying oil or special oil. Do not forget to drill in one of the ends of the hole for the ring.

Kubotan is easy to do yourself or purchase in specialized stores. An ebony massage stick, suitable in size, can be an excellent kubotan. The main thing is not to forget about training and practicing strikes using kubotan. Without knowledge of technology, not only Kubotan, but even a Japanese katana will not help you. If you have to use Kubotan to protect your life and health, or to protect your family, you can safely fight. Remember that if you are determined to win - this is half the battle success.

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